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05.05.2022, from News Team

Freedom of the press in Switzerland is in danger! That's right!

On Wednesday 4 May, one could read in the NZZ 1 and hear on the radio the day before that "Journalists without Borders" had catapulted Switzerland to 14th place - 4 points down - in their annual "Press Freedom Ranking".

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27.04.2022, from News Team

Eternal "worst case" logic of the Federal Council: illegal and unconstitutional

Opinion of the Committee Board on the Federal Council's (FDHA) position paper - Committee of Jurists (summary)

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17.03.2022, from News Team

Strasbourg judges reprimand Swiss demonstration ban

A recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) shows how necessary it is to come to terms with various violations of fundamental rights over the past two years. In the judgement published on 15 March 2022, the Strasbourg court criticises the Swiss authorities for taking disproportionate decisions, as Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights recognises freedom of assembly and association as a central good of a [...]

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06.12.2021, by News Team

Hate is sown in the club

Once again, "The Club" discussed the issue of compulsory vaccination. The program completely lacked balance and diversity of opinion. There were "friends" among themselves who unabashedly spoke out for the exclusion of the so-called unvaccinated.

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29.11.2021, from external source

Million booster for rich publishing houses

The Confederation is supporting the media during the Corona pandemic with tens of millions of francs. The main beneficiaries are the rich and big publishing houses.

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26.11.2021, from external source

Measure sceptics cost less

The critics of corona measures tend to have low health care costs, while the proponents generally make more demands on the health care system. This is shown in a new study by the University of Lucerne.

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26.11.2021, by News Team

Newspaper article in the Corriere del Ticino from 26.11.2021

Dear friends, today an open letter was published to Dr. Merlani asking for clarifications on some of his public statements.

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19.11.2021, by News Team

Newspaper article in Corriere de l Ticino and La Regione from 19.11.2021

Dear voters of Ticino, today these two articles appeared in "Corriere de l Ticino" and "La Regione".

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03.11.2021, from external source

"Return to normality" is postponed

Published 02.11.2021 in K-Tipp 18/2021 (Gery Schwager & Markus Fehlmann)

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