Media review

19.09.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The storming of the Federal Parliament

a lesson in the manipulation of public perception

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23.08.2021, by Christophe

RTS Le grand débat - Should we give more power to the people?

A debate between Werner Boxler, Co-President of Friends of the Constitution, Damien Cotter, National Councillor (FDP/NE), and Muriel Ballaman, political journalist at RTS in Bern.

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25.05.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The Basel Express

regularly features important voices from the civil rights movement. But not everyone likes it. Individual readers called on advertisers to boycott the paper in the future.

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20.05.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The NZZ fails on the Covid law

The NZZ spreads out the Federal Council's arguments on one page. There is no trace of a factual or even critical debate.

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