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A look across borders

While the majority of the Swiss believe in the "two spades" solution to all problems, citizens in Israel, for example, have already hit the ground running.

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It is gratifying that with the "Teachers' Network Switzerland" a new powerful association is campaigning for the rights of young people.

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News from Absurdistan

Hospital admissions in the context of Corona are declining and the Swiss healthcare system has coped well with the Corona year 2020 -.

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22.09.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The strange game of Reto Nause

When a member of the government calls for a demonstration to be held, it is curious to say the least. Anyone who suspects malicious plans behind this is probably a conspiracy theorist.

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19.09.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The storming of the Federal Parliament

a lesson in the manipulation of public perception

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01.09.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

Dear Mr von Burg

You are an important man. As head of politics at the Sonntagszeitung, you have a huge reach. You shape the political discourse and when you call for a change of political course, your words have a great impact in the country.

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31.08.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

True solidarity

Since the term "solidarity" was turned into the opposite by the pandemicists, some people have reacted with reluctance to what is actually such a beautiful word. But true solidarity is not so rare.

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18.08.2021, by Markus Häni

The pressure on the unvaccinated is growing - also on the children

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15.08.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

Tamedia unleashes boundless hatred against the unvaccinated

"The Federal Council and the cantons must now put all possible pressure on vaccination refusers." This is what Denis von Burg, head of politics at Tamedia, writes.

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