The unconstitutional measures prevent us from meeting in one place to democratically debate, vote and elect.

General Meeting on 19 June 2021

In order to strengthen the "together", we are planning regional member networking hikes (MVW), which will be organized by the respective regional groups. As we will soon be 10'000 members - organized in about 100 Regiogroups - different hikes will take place on the same day all over Switzerland: This gives a strong connection in all directions - it promotes our togetherness!
Dear member. You can freely choose in which area you would like to BE on the road on 19.6. (26.6.). You are welcome to take a friend with you (does not have to be a member).

Register at the respective regio address (limited number of participants). Please indicate if you belong to the leisurely ones. Registered participants will receive a confirmation and details (meeting point, route, picnic place etc.) about the excursion from the respective regio responsible. If you are unable to attend shortly before the event, please let us know so that other people have the opportunity to join you on the outing.

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