Happy New Year!

The Friends of the Constitution wish you a Happy New Year! And tell you about some news...



Dear members, dear visitors to our website, and dear female guests anyway



We wish you all a happy, successful and insightful 2024! May your inner resilience withstand external adversity and may you grow in everything you do and work on.

Artificial intelligence

We have been experimenting with AI for a few weeks now - letting people say things that they would never say (e.g. Uğur Şahin) or letting people speak who unfortunately can no longer say anything (e.g. William Tell). We have also had our president speak using AI - this content is serious and meant seriously. But the content should be clear in each case, whether it is satire, fiction or serious content. As written, these are experiments and we want to improve this a little - let us surprise you.

It's up to you

Practically everything in life: it's up to you! The thoughts you have, the words you choose, even more so the actions you take (or fail to take) - it's up to you. You could certainly write a lot about it - concretely and philosophically - for example, that unfortunately the "stronger" often win, or those with the bigger mouth are heard more, or for some reason the more uneducated, corrupt, lazy ones are in power... But time and again - thank God - it turns out that even the "little ones" can make a difference - especially in the masses! We realised this three or four years ago (yes, it's almost 4 years now!) and we are realising this now when we look to Germany, to the active farmers.

The Verfassungsfreunde will soon be 4 years old - and it will be up to you how strong we move into the future. We have two active initiatives underway (the Reappraisal initiative and the Sovereignty Initiative), we started the project 100k and are also involved in other activities (regional meetings, supporting referendums, operating our membership platform, etc.). The extent to which this is still possible is up to you! We will therefore be sending out our membership invoice in the coming weeks - together with the invitation to the Annual General Meeting on 4 May 2024. It goes without saying that all members of the Executive Board work on a voluntary basis - but without financial resources, our initiatives would not be possible. We are very grateful to the countless helpers who are out on the streets collecting signatures - but printing, mailing and notarising etc. are of course costs that have to be financed. We therefore hope to continue to have a large number of members who make this important work possible with their 50 francs. So a big thank you to you if you decide to continue your membership in 2024 - thank you - because it's up to you!


As previously mentioned, we have launched our 100k project: a database from which we can collect 100,000 (notarised) signatures within a very short time. Of course, this requires more than 100,000 people - because experience shows that you need about 20-25% more signatures to get to the 100k notarised ones (the main reason is: duplicate signatures, illegible or incorrectly completed signatures that are not accepted, or people who have moved and no longer live in the place indicated when they are notarised). Before we reach "initiative strength", we can of course reach "referendum strength" - that would be around 60,000 people in order to obtain 50,000 notarised signatures.
At the moment, however, we are still miles away from these figures. Although the idea has met with a positive response from practically everyone who hears about it, it seems that signing up (that's about 3 clicks) is "too much effort". Once again we see that you have to do it - otherwise nothing will come of it. Hence the appeal: get in touch with 100k if you care about direct democracy!


Now we wish everyone a good start to the year!

Kind regards -
Your Board of Directors,
Roland, Mark, Mario, Urs, Samuel




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