Swiss Hiking Day on 30 May

Next Sunday, 30.5.21 the hiking group Helvetik ( called for a National Walking Day.

Everybody should come together with families and acquaintances in small groups (according to the BAG guidelines valid on that day) and walk with flags and bells somewhere in Switzerland.
It will be a peaceful, national walk, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's death as well as the Republic of Helvetia, relating it to the current issues and problems surrounding the Corona measures, especially Covid-19 coming up for a vote on 6/13/21 as well as the PMT bill.

From 13:00 then via StrickerTV live speeches and interviews around this topic. Speakers will include:
Nicolas Rimoldi,
Josef Ender
and Michael Bubendorf

We need all the support we can get. Everyone go hiking on 5/30-21 and listen to the speeches starting at 1pm. Let's take a stand, peacefully but firmly.

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