Injustice is neither right nor left! We call on all people throughout Switzerland to come to Bern.


Dangerous Covid aggravation


To the campaign site


Dangerous Covid aggravation


To the campaign site


Dangerous Covid aggravation


To the campaign site


Art. 16 Freedom of expression and information

1 Freedom of expression and information is guaranteed.

2 Everyone has the right to form his or her opinion freely and to express and disseminate it without interference.

3 Everyone has the right to freely receive, obtain from generally accessible sources and disseminate information.


Art. 22 Freedom of assembly

1 Freedom of assembly is guaranteed.

2 Every person has the right to organise meetings, to participate in meetings or to stay away from meetings.


Art. 33 Petition law

1 Every person has the right to petition the authorities; he or she must not suffer any disadvantage as a result.

2 The authorities must take note of petitions.


Art. 23 Freedom of association

1 Freedom of association is guaranteed.

2 Everyone has the right to form, join or belong to associations and to participate in the activities of associations.

3 No one may be forced to join or belong to an association.


Freedom is the indispensable condition for mankind's happiness.

But freedom and democracy are in danger.
They are threatened by an ever closer intertwining of state and corporations. This is how the Corona Crisis was made possible and how the dangerous PMT Act came into being.
The state and corporations distrust the citizen, see the population as a danger and want more and more control.

We live in extraordinary times and have great challenges to overcome.
Switzerland needs friends.

We are the friends of the Constitution.


16.10.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

Michael Bubendorf in the Gradido Podcast

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13.10.2021, by Markus Häni

Velocorso for freedom

An experience report

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main picture by: Thank you! 07.10.2021, by News Team

A look across borders

While the majority of the Swiss believe in the "two spades" solution to all problems, citizens in Israel, for example, have already hit the ground running.

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title picture by: Thank you! 07.10.2021, by News Team


It is gratifying that with the "Teachers' Network Switzerland" a new powerful association is campaigning for the rights of young people.

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Dessin avec l'aimable autorisation de l'artiste : ISOU 07.10.2021, by News Team

News from Absurdistan

Hospital admissions in the context of Corona are declining and the Swiss healthcare system has coped well with the Corona year 2020 -.

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28.09.2021, by News Team

Federal Council spreads misinformation and propaganda

At its media conference on 27.09.2021 on the vote on the amendments to the Covid 19 Act, the Federal Council presented the public with misinformation, propaganda and fear-mongering.

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22.09.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The strange game of Reto Nause

When a member of the government calls for a demonstration to be held, it is curious to say the least. Anyone who suspects malicious plans behind this is probably a conspiracy theorist.

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20.09.2021, by Marion Russek

"" is online!

The first milestones in the campaign against the tightening of the Covid law have been reached. The campaign and agency team has left the creation phase behind and launched the new website with the first three subjects.

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19.09.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The storming of the Federal Parliament

a lesson in the manipulation of public perception

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National rally Bern (approved)

Against Covid certificate, discrimination and mass surveillance!

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