Our History

The association was launched in Solothurn in July 2020 with 23 founding members. Learn more about our rapidly growing citizens' movement.

Our History

the association with all its members and helpers has proven to be one of the strongest signature collecting groups in Switzerland: the referenda against the Covid-19-law and against the PMT-law were made possible by us with a total of 130'000 signatures.

The association was launched in July 2020 with 23 founding members in Solothurn. The reason for this was the referendum initiated by Christoph Pfluger against the urgently passed Covid 19 law. The referendum needed an official sponsorship.

During the first 6 months of 2021, we learned everything about campaigning! Thanks to many and generous donors, we were able to reach over 3 million voters with friends and professional supporters and, of course, again legions of helpers on the streets.

however, the two laws were accepted by the people. But with 40% no votes we consider this a great success. Because these votes came together despite enormous counter-pressure from the main-stream media and the government.

we took another referendum against the 4 worst articles in the Covid-19 law. This was passed by the parliament in the spring session. However, we only had about 3 weeks until the submission deadline. Thanks to partner organizations and still highly motivated helpers on the street, it was doable: on July 8th we were able to submit over 187'000 signatures in Bern - enough that a referendum has to be held on these amendments.

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