Our History

The association was launched in Solothurn in July 2020 with 23 founding members. Learn more about our rapidly growing citizens' movement.

Our History

The association was launched in July 2020 with 23 founding members in Solothurn. The reason for this was the referendum initiated by Christoph Pfluger against the urgently passed Covid 19 law. The referendum needed an official sponsorship.

the association with all its members and helpers has proven to be one of the strongest signature collecting groups in Switzerland: the referenda against the Covid-19-law and against the PMT-law were made possible by us with a total of 130'000 signatures.

During the first 6 months of 2021, we learned everything about campaigning! Thanks to many and generous donors, we were able to reach over 3 million voters with friends and professional supporters and, of course, again legions of helpers on the streets.

however, the two laws were accepted by the people. But with 40% no votes we consider this a great success. Because these votes came together despite enormous counter-pressure from the main-stream media and the government.

we took another referendum against the 4 worst articles in the Covid-19 law. This was passed by the parliament in the spring session. However, we only had about 3 weeks until the submission deadline. Thanks to partner organizations and still highly motivated helpers on the street, it was doable: on July 8th we were able to submit over 187'000 signatures in Bern - enough that a referendum has to be held on these amendments.

Despite the incredible efforts of all those involved and a lot of support, even from people who voted "yes" in the summer, we were presented with a voting result that, with 39% "no" votes, was worse in percentage terms than the first vote. Allegedly, 1,382,977 people rejected the law. There was great shock and incomprehension in the freedom movement. This was shown by a clear resignation of all activities - especially among the members of the Friends of the Constitution.



Link to swissinfo.ch

In 2022, the world became quieter - but unfortunately the more turbulent within the association. In autumn 2021, the former board fell out, which led to extraordinary elections. As a result, a new board came into action from spring 2022, whose members and ideas are still here are to be found. The following period was marked by the annual financial statement 2021 and the preparation of the general meeting 2022 - including a comprehensive revision of the statutes.

At the general meeting, there was a long and heated debate - but in the end a consensus was reached that should have created a basis to continue the work. Unfortunately, this did not happen: the nine board members, seven of whom were really active, slowed down and blocked each other. No one is to be blamed for this - it was simply not possible to achieve any constructive output. Certainly, it also had something to do with the fact that all measures in Switzerland were abolished as of 1 April 2022 (Link) - it was "everything as before" again. But it seemed to be more the composition of the people who were not capable of getting something going. And in November 2022 it came as it probably had to come: part of the board resigned, leaving a residual board of three people.

As an external action, the Friends of the Constitution supported the cantonal child protection initiatives (Link). In the end, these were launched in six cantons. FdV supported these mainly through communication and often reported on them. At the end of the year, parliament extended the Covid 19 law by another 18 months - against which many organisations launched a referendum, including the Friends of the Constitution (Link). So there was some productivity in the association after all, but basically, sadly, it has to be said that the year 2022 was primarily characterised by internal work (general meeting, office move, staff turnover, etc.).

After only three board members remained from November 2022, it took them a few days and weeks to get everything back on track. The feeling was, whether due to the now obvious compulsion or perhaps also the only now perceived sense of duty, that one has actually only now taken over the helm of the ship. The board became aware of or discovered many things that needed a proper reappraisal: on the one hand, the Member database in a desolate condition, there was a familiarisation with the Finance, various Employees left the office, some electronic systems had to be brought up to scratch... All things that are neither productive nor related to the core task of the association. But fortunately this was done and much more!

On 16 December, the Federal Council decided to extend the Covid Act by 18 months (Link). Many organisations of the civil rights movement, on the other hand, seized the third referendum. One of the three committees was largely driven by the Friends of the Constitution and MASS-FULL! (Link). As it seems at the time of going to press, the required 50,000 signatures might just be reached. However, it was astonishing and also somewhat sobering that it was so hard to get just under 50,000 signatures from the approx. 1.4 million people who voted "no".

In January, a Forum where about 20 people from the civil rights movement, most of them regional leaders, but also non-members, talked about the association, the tasks, the future, the direction and other things. The exchange was very sympathetic and certainly a good sign, especially at the beginning of the year, to calm this unrest from 2022 and to look positively, productively and collectively into the future. For the first time, a Member survey which basically gave the board, which had been in charge of the association since November, a good report and expressed confidence in it.

Together with MASS VOLL!, the basis was created that Sovereignty Initiative to launch an initiative. In principle, this is the initiative that was voted on at the 2022 General Assembly as the "WHO initiative", and which gave the Executive Board the mandate or the opportunity to initiate or participate in such an initiative. The collection of signatures is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2023. Child Protection Initiatives continued to be supported - some of which came to fruition successfully. (Link).

The Cash Initiative was supported by the Friends of the Constitution, especially in terms of communication; it was on good terms from the beginning. In the first quarter of 2023, contact was also made with the Reprocessing Initiative recorded. We believe that an independent reappraisal of the last three years is imperative - with an open result: from learning about the consequences to forgiveness...

Every few weeks there are meetings with our Regional managersIn between physically, otherwise by zoom. We thank all the members for their loyalty, the regional leaders for coordinating and being the link between us and all the members and, of course, all the helpers who energetically stand on the street and collect signatures in all weathers. Many thanks!

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