Art. 22 Freedom of assembly

1 Freedom of assembly is guaranteed.

2 Every person has the right to organize meetings, to participate in meetings or to stay away from meetings.

Events coming soon

Protest march 25.09 in Uster

NO to the certificate madness

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Past events

Rally di Winterthur

Stop alla censura e alla dittatura di vaccini! Libera scelta di medicina! 18.09.2021 Winterthur Ritrovo 13:00 al Neumarkt Inizio corteo: 14:00 Raduno 15:00 al Neumarkt

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Rally Winterthur

18.09.2021 Winterthur, Assembly 13:00 at Neumarkt Parade start: 14:00 Rally 15:00 at Neumarkt

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Panel discussion

on the tightening of the Covid 19 Act on 7.9.2021

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Stop dividing the people!

Let's stop the divisiveness! Let's show everyone what it means when EVERYONE sticks together! With each other and for each other and not next to each other against each other!

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Lies are used to keep the narrative going Thursday 12 August 2021Legal spontaneous demo from 19:00In Bern on the Bundesplatz

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Rally Lucerne 31.07.2021

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