Art. 22 Freedom of assembly

1 Freedom of assembly is guaranteed.

2 Every person has the right to organize meetings, to participate in meetings or to stay away from meetings.

Events Coming Soon

Fireside chat a. Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer and Dr Roland Bühlmann

Friday, 26 April 2024 Panel discussion with President Dr Roland Bühlmann and a. Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer.

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General Meeting FdV 4 May 2024 - Lorzensaal Cham

Dear member: it's up to you!

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The presidential panel - Roland Bühlmann, Friends of the Constitution and Petra Burri, Aufrecht Bern

🚨The regional group Friends of the Constitution Bümpliz-Wohlen and Aufrecht Bern cordially invite you to the Presidents' Meeting.

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Provisional dates for the sovereignty demonstration 27 April 2024, Bern Bundesplatz or 25 May 2024 - Bern Rosalie Wenger Platz

Demonstrations 27 April 2024 and 25 May 2024 The committee cordially invites other organisations to participate. All are welcome: Important information Provisional dates: Saturday, 27 April 2024, Bern, Bundesplatz Saturday, 25 May 2024, Bern, Rosalie-Wenger-Platz The Bernese authorities suddenly decided that Bundesplatz was no longer possible on 25 May. We negotiated for a long time. We [...]

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Past Events

Corona Symposium 6/7 April 2024 - EVENTfabrik Bern

The 1st CH Symposium 2024 will focus on the social and health policy processes during the coronavirus crisis. Dr Roland Bühlmann, President of Friends of the Constitution, will take part in the panel and audience discussion on the "Makers" evening, Saturday, 6 April 2024, 8.15 pm.

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For our sovereignty, our neutrality and our fundamental rights 22 October 14:00 Python Platz, Freiburg

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Demo 02.10.2022 Winterthur

On Neumarktplatz in Winterthur 12:00 Procession 13:15 Rally 17:30 Conclusion

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Domenica 28 Agosto 2022 Lugano al Parco Ciani (Foce)

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All to Bern

30.03.2022 19:00 Bern, Bundesplatz

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Corona Public Tribunal

in Winterthur on 26 February 2022

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Rally Zurich 19.02

Rally Zurich, 19.02.2022 Marktplatz Oerlikon, from 13:00 gathering, from 14:00 march through Oerlikon, from 16:00 rally

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Demo St. Gallen 05.02.22 14:00

Kornhausplatz St. Gallen, 5 February Meeting 14:00 Departure 14:30

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Rally Schwyz, 24 January

Meeting: 6 pm Department of Education Schwyz We stand up for the future of our children. Let the children breathe freely!!!

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