Every new member strengthens the democracy!
We question, we analyse, we act.
Together our citizens' movement is stronger and more influential.
EVERYONE who can identify with our statements, mission and values is welcome to join.

Membership November 2023: 9,500

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Every new member strengthens the democracy!

Natural and legal persons who support the purpose of the association (mission statement) can become members. We are guided by the values of our charter.

The membership fee for natural persons is Fr. 50.-, for legal entities Fr. 500.- (please send request) per calendar year.

Important for you to know:

  • Data protection: The regional leaders in your place of residence will receive your email address to welcome you. However, you decide for yourself whether you want to actively participate.
  • Pay: You will receive a payment slip within two weeks of registration. Please pay your membership fee exclusively with the payment slip, as IBAN payments are not linked to your membership and automatically go into the donation account.
  • Newsletter: New members are automatically subscribed to the newsletter. If you do not wish to receive them, please unsubscribe here or make adjustments.
e.g.: +41 78 11 22 33 4

Donations to the Association & Campaigns

The association's activities are primarily funded by donations and membership fees. Small and large contributions enable administrative tasks, media work and support for the regional groups/sections.

Your valued donations to the association can be paid directly into our account:
Freunde der Verfassung, 3000 Bern
Postfinance Berne BIC: POFICHBEXXX
IBAN CH27 0900 0000 1553 2003 7

Or you can also transfer them by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), Paypal or Twint here.

Are you planning a large donation in the five-digit range? If so, please contact us directly for tax optimisation options at

We thank you very much for your support.

Please remember to print out the confirmation of your credit card or IBAN deposit!

Our association has not yet been able to register as a non-profit association and therefore sends out not provide donation certificates for tax deductions.

Regional Groups

Regional groups and sections enable members to exchange information with each other.

In order to manage our numerous members, they have been allocated to smaller regional groups to build a unified team, support one another and exchange ideas to strengthen campaigns. These regional groups are the first point of contact for members. Each member decides whether they want to participate – EVERYONE is welcome!
Volunteers take over the organisation in the four parts of the country.

Find out more about your regional groups closest to you through the interactive map.


Volunteers and Helpers

We are always looking for talented people to support us in our activities:

  • Many drivers deliver campaign material in their spare time all over the country.
  • Packers send thousands of letters and parcels from our logistics centre.
  • Signature collectors and flyer distributors are tirelessly on the streets.
  • Writing professionals to prepare texts and answer mail enquires
  • The entire IT system is designed and created by energetic specialists.
  • Regional leaders look after and network members.
  • Organisational superheroes make sure that the right campaign material is available at the right time.
  • Patient volunteers to organise long Excel lists and sort signature sheets

Without these efforts, the association would not be where it is now!

Become a Helper

Actions speak louder than words

If you would like to offer active volunteer work, please fill out the form. As soon as we have a suitable need, we will be happy to contact you.


I have experience and am willing to work in the following fields:


We would be extremely happy if someone could volunteer as a French translator.

For detailed information please contact

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100k - Dare more democracy

The Friends of the Constitution support direct democracy. We believe it is important to involve citizens in political decision-making processes. This leads to better results, as issues are widely discussed, and to better acceptance of decisions, as everyone is involved in the decision-making process.

Swiss politics offers, among other things, the means of a referendum; however, the organisation and financing of a referendum is very costly, so that in practice only a few amendments to laws are actually influenced by the people.

We want to change that!

We would like to see more amendments to the law put to the vote in the future. Thereby it plays no partwhether it is a "left" or "right" issue - or whether it is more important for "urban" or "rural". We do not give an opinion on whether we think the decision was "right" or "wrong". Our aim is that the issue is discussed and voted on.

How it works:

  • Register via the registration form on our website on - You have no obligation whatsoever.
  • We scan the parliamentary proceedings and propose any amendments to the law for a referendum - this may be the case if there were very tight decisions in parliament, for example, or in the case of typical divide-and-rule ("all against SVP") - in other words, if we think that there was no proper discussion in parliament.
  • We will inform you by newsletter that a referendum proposal is pending.
  • If you also think that there should be a vote here - As I said, we are not concerned here with "left" or "right", but with the fact that discussion is necessary - you can agree on our homepage.
  • If enough people have agreed to support the referendum, we will send everyone a signature sheet.
  • Please sign and return this signature sheet to us.

We believe that we can give direct democracy a boost and hope for your support.

Ready for more democracy? Sign up now! HERE


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