We are committed to the association, the members and the actions and concerns.

The Board of Directors

Marion Russek

Co-President, Finance / IT

Werner Boxler

Co-President, Head of Romandie

Dr. Christina Rüdiger

Head of regional groups/sections

Sandro Meier

Campaign Manager, Communication

Michael Bubendorf


Alec Gagneux

Events and Management Ticino

Markus Häni

Education and school

The Advisory Board

Dr. Gerald Brei

Lawyer, Jonen

Dr. Klaus Rüdiger

Historian and secondary school teacher, Wil

Philipp Kruse

Lawyer, Oberrieden

Dr. Björn Riggenbach

Family doctor, Neuchâtel

Michelle Cailler

Juriste et porte-parole des Ami.e.s de la constitution

Prof. Michael Esfeld

Prof. Dr Michael Esfeld,

Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Lausanne and Member of the Leopoldina

The team

Agnès Aedo

Adjointe de direction
Coordinatrice des groupes régionaux Suisse romande

Ralf Naumann


Catherine Touaibi

Secrétaire de direction Suisse romande

Marion Ricciardi

Assistance Marion Russek

Isabelle Goumaz Burka

Coordinatrice des groupes régionaux Suisse romande

Michèle Chatelain

Assistance with campaigns & secretariat

Evelyne Ott

Secretariat Romandie/German-speaking Switzerland

Marcos Miramontes

social media

Doris Baumann

Assistance with campaigns & secretariat

Christian Ferlet

Coordinateur Suisse romande, support informatique et logistique

Anita Grogg

Processing mail requests

Andreas Krause

IT Systems


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