We are committed to the association, the members and the actions and concerns.

The Board of Directors

Dr Roland Bühlmann

Co-Presidency, Finance/ IT, Media Enquiries

Prisca Guanter

Co-Presidency, Culture/Education and Regional Groups

Samuel Riggenbach

Marketing & Communication and Regional Groups

Agnès Aedo

Management Romandie

Oliver Martin

Politics & Economy, Projects

Sandro Meier

Marketing & Communication, Projects

Dr. Christina Rüdiger

Communication, management of regional groups, editing

Mark Steiner

Politics & Economy, IT, Regional Groups

The Advisory Board

Marion Russek


Heidi Mühlemann

Pharmacist and copywriter, retired

Dr Dr Timon Böhm

Physicist and philosopher

The team

Marion Ricciardi

Social Media, Donations Administration

Ralf Naumann


Catherine Touaibi

Secretary General

Corina Kohler

Secretariat, membership administration, campaign, dispatch

Doris Baumann

Assistance with campaigns & secretariat


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