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24.11.2022, by Roland Bühlmann

Board of the Friends of the Constitution remains capable of acting and is committed to the interests of the members

Contrary to claims to the contrary by colleagues who have resigned, and also to certain widely held opinions, the Executive Committee of the Friends of the Constitution is fully capable of acting. We are pushing ahead with the projects that have been decided - in particular the support for the Giacometti and the sovereignty initiative - full of verve and are committed to the interests of our members. Communication In the newsletter of Sunday, 13 November 2022 [...]

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05.11.2022, by News Team

The never-ending drudgery of the Aufdenblatten family....

Now it's out: everyone knows that the Swiss Covid certificate never represented a guarantee of protection in any form. The narrative of the government and the authorities, however, sounded quite different: those who had been injected were supposedly safe from infection and would not be able to pass on the virus. Why then did they want to distinguish them from the unvaccinated by certificate [...]?

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29.10.2022, by News Team

The government's house of cards collapses

The whole narrative around the Covid vaccine has been shown to be misleading! Vaccines have not been tested for their efficacy and thus the house of cards is falling down. In our open letter, we call on parliamentarians to act and exercise their oversight duty to the executive immediately.

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28.09.2022, by News Team

Stop constitutional violations without end

The Federal Council and parliament have learned nothing from the Corona measures debacle: they are constantly committing new breaches of the constitution, relying on emergency law and urgent federal laws to trick the people. 

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Engaged for Fundamental Rights - Defending the Constitution - Strengthening Democracy

The freedom and the right of the people to have a say are anchored in the Swiss Federal Constitution. Citizens thus have an influence on political events in the country and thus also shape their own lives.

At a time when politics and the media are increasingly determined by business and lobby organisations, our civil rights movement is needed more than ever. The Friends of the Constitution actively campaign for the protection of our fundamental rights. Only thanks to committed citizens can our direct democracy continue to exist and guarantee freedom for all. In Switzerland, the state serves the people - not the other way round.

Together we are strong!

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