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26.01.2024, by Samuel Riggenbach

Poorly researched or slander?

The "mainstream media" really don't make it easy to stay calm. Unfortunately, we cannot leave this false reporting uncommented. A statement on the Baz article regarding the tri-national demo  

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09.01.2024, by Samuel Riggenbach

Happy New Year!

The Friends of the Constitution wish you a Happy New Year! And tell you about some news...  

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19.10.2023, by Samuel Riggenbach

Update: Trinational Demo

Media release Friends of the Constitution, 19.10.2023, 10:45 Ban on trinational demonstration on 21.10.2023 According to a media release by the Basel police, all demonstrations in Basel are banned from Friday, 20.10.2023 17:00 to Sunday, 22.10.2023. This also applies to the trinational demonstration planned by the Friends of the Constitution. Yesterday evening we received the written cancellation by mail ("withdrawal of the permit of 21 October [...]

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16.10.2023, by Samuel Riggenbach


FIRST TRINATIONAL DEMO 21 OCTOBER 2023 Attention: Start and end of the demo is in Horburg Park and not in St. Johanns Park as written on the flyer. (There will be people from us and the police in St. Johanns Park to divert everyone who ends up in St. Johanns Park anyway). Horburg Park is fortunately on our [...]

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Engaged for Fundamental Rights - Defending the Constitution - Strengthening Democracy

The freedom and the right of the people to have a say are anchored in the Swiss Federal Constitution. Citizens thus have an influence on political events in the country and thus also shape their own lives.

At a time when politics and the media are increasingly determined by business and lobby organisations, our civil rights movement is needed more than ever. The Friends of the Constitution actively campaign for the protection of our fundamental rights. Only thanks to committed citizens can our direct democracy continue to exist and guarantee freedom for all. In Switzerland, the state serves the people - not the other way round.

Together we are strong!

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