Art. 16 Freedom of expression and information

1 Freedom of expression and information is guaranteed.

2 Everyone has the right to form his or her opinion freely and to express and disseminate it without interference.

3 Everyone has the right to freely receive, obtain from generally accessible sources and disseminate information.


Art. 22 Freedom of assembly

1 Freedom of assembly is guaranteed.

2 Every person has the right to organise meetings, to participate in meetings or to stay away from meetings.


Art. 33 Petition law

1 Every person has the right to petition the authorities; he or she must not suffer any disadvantage as a result.

2 The authorities must take note of petitions.


Art. 23 Freedom of association

1 Freedom of association is guaranteed.

2 Everyone has the right to form, join or belong to associations and to participate in the activities of associations.

3 No one may be forced to join or belong to an association.


Freedom is the indispensable condition for mankind's happiness.

But freedom and democracy are in danger.
They are threatened by an ever closer intertwining of state and corporations. This is how the Corona Crisis was made possible and how the dangerous PMT Act came into being.
The state and corporations distrust the citizen, see the population as a danger and want more and more control.

We live in extraordinary times and have great challenges to overcome.
Switzerland needs friends.

We are the friends of the Constitution.


15.05.2022, from News Team

Danger ahead!

Although the mainstream media are keeping the issue practically under wraps, it has now leaked out that the WHO, in conjunction with the EU and the other WHO member states, wants to conclude a global pandemic treaty in 2024. What comes across as preventive health care actually amounts to the disempowerment of sovereign states. 

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09.05.2022, from News Team

Interview with Dr Philipp Gut (video)

Many have had the impression over the last two years that our media have reported in striking unison. In this interview with journalist and book author Dr Philipp Gut, we discuss the state of the media in Switzerland and his experiences as a journalist.

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09.05.2022, from News Team

Will Zurich also soon be a "Smart City"?

Until recently, many would have waved off the warning that Europe would soon be like China's mega-cities. Another conspiracy theory!

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05.05.2022, from News Team

Freedom of the press in Switzerland is in danger! That's right!

On Wednesday 4 May, one could read in the NZZ 1 and hear on the radio the day before that "Journalists without Borders" had catapulted Switzerland to 14th place - 4 points down - in their annual "Press Freedom Ranking".

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27.04.2022, from News Team

Eternal "worst case" logic of the Federal Council: illegal and unconstitutional

Opinion of the Committee Board on the Federal Council's (FDHA) position paper - Committee of Jurists (summary)

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25.04.2022, from News Team

Here we go again!

We, the "Friends of the Constitution", after a phase "on the back burner", are now back on track since the election on 20 April 2022 and highly motivated to push forward the strengthening of our direct democracy.

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21.04.2022, by Roland Bühlmann

Result Board Elections

Dear members of the association, dear friends of the constitution A few hours ago we received the decision of the election officer. The team for 'Freedom, Fundamental Rights and Self-Determination' (List 2) received the most votes in our elections and may lead the fate of our association as the new board for one year. We would like to express our sincere thanks for the [...]

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19.04.2022, by News Team

No to the WHO pandemic treaty!

"The state of emergency will be the normality." Karl Lauterbach on 15 March 2022 1

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10.04.2022, by News Team

Framing at its best

Instead of finally taking a journalistically meticulous look at the ruinous measures against the Corona "pandemic", the Tages-Anzeiger uses last week's kidnapping case in Zurich to discredit the citizens' movement.

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Demo dates Freedom Strychler

Even though there is now talk everywhere of an imminent end to the Corona measures, we should be aware that there will continue to be many reasons to take to the streets against the unjust state called Switzerland.

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