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September 2023


Civil rights movements such as Aufrecht or Mass-voll have demonstrated for months against the policies of the Federal Council and parliament. Now they themselves are running in the national and Council of States elections. Among them are conspiracy theorists, state rejectionists - and right-wing extremists.


Although often unconscious and unread, the 175-year-old rulebook is rightly present in people's minds. Despite its 175 years, the Swiss Federal Constitution, the founding act of the Swiss federal state in 1848, is not a museum piece to be viewed behind glass. Rather, it is a tool that is used again and again.


713 candidates from Aargau want to run for the National Council. Not all of them are running for the big ones - even small parties or groups repeatedly put themselves forward for election, even though they know their chances are slim.

The Mass-Voll grouping around the controversial Corona measures critic Nicolas Rimoldi also remained alone. The leading candidate is Roland Bühlmann. In the AZ, Bühlmann rates his chances of winning a seat as "average".

One thing is clear: if you want a seat on the National Council in Aargau, you need about six percent of the electorate.

August 2023


By means of a large digital voting card, the "Friends of the Constitution" would like to be able to hold referendums more quickly and easily. The organisation of critics of the Corona measures now also want to have their say on other issues.


Does the Swiss population have enough votes on federal policy issues? Estimating that the requirements for launching a referendum are too high, the Group of Friends of the Constitution wants to facilitate the collection of signatures and will launch an initiative in this sense.


SVP and FDP, Mitte and EVP as well as SP, Greens and GLP: These well-known list combinations are joined by a fourth: The Solution-Oriented People's Movement of Theres Schöni, who distinguished herself as a Corona sceptic, is running with the Music Party, the Swiss Liberté Egalité Party and "".

It is also clear after the deadline for registration that three parties or groups are going into the elections alone: The Pirate Party, the Pirate Party, which had joined forces with the SP and the Greens in 2019. the "Mass-Voll!" movement, whose top candidate Roland Bühlmann was still confident last week about an alliance. and the Party of Labour will not enter into any list enter into a list alliance.  

Dr Roland Bühlmann - Fresh thinking / Citizens, not elites, should decide

Switzerland is known for its direct democracy. But this only works in part. The Friends of the Constitution have new ideas on how to strengthen the people's rights.


Les anti-mesures Covid préparent leur nouveau combat

More than 14 months have passed since the introduction of the last Covid restrictions. However, despite the people's vote in favour of the Covid law this Thursday, the deplorables of the measures are not letting up.


Constitutionalists want more referendums: Please don't - you can also love You can also love the people's rights to death

It is not a good idea to simplify the collection of signatures. The people's voice needs a minimum of representativeness.

For the friends of the constitution, the Corona critics from the anti-Justice milieu, this cannot go on. They want, as CH Media reported, They want to make referendums quicker and easier. strengthen democracy". The citizens' movement will soon inform the public about the exact shortly.

The Friends of the Constitution are not the only ones who want to simplify the rules for collecting signatures. the rules for collecting signatures. Several cantons cantons are flirting with the electronic collection of signatures. the federal government is also exploring the possibility, and parties from the left to the Free parties, from the left to the Free Democrats, seem to think that filling out signature antiquated - after all, we are modern and digital nowadays, not handwritten and and no longer handwritten and by post.

They do not want to be taken over by the system. That is why the Friends of the Constitution do not want to enter parliament. But they now want to make direct democracy more accessible.


Already at the beginning of July, the Mass-Voll citizens' movement, which is critical of the coronation, announced that it would be contesting the National Council elections in the canton of Aargau with its own list. The best-known name on the list and top candidate of the citizens' movement in Aargau: Roland Bühlmann. Like Nicolas Rimoldi, president of Mass-Voll, Bühlmann has been a figurehead of the Coronasceptic movement since the pandemic: the IT entrepreneur from Auw has been president of the Friends of the Constitution since May 2022.

July 2023


Upright and Mass-Full Two well-known resistance groups against the Corona measures are running for the National Council. With Aufrecht and Mass-voll, two groups will be running in the autumn National two groups are running for the National Council elections in the autumn. to the Corona policy of the authorities. And although in the Bernese region - like the Friends of the Constitution or the the Friends of the Constitution or the Freedom Tories - they lack a real figurehead, they have a serious chance of winning a seat.


The Fricktal opponent of cows and church bells withdraws withdraws her candidacy for the National Council. Last week, "Mass-Voll" president Rimoldi confirmed that he would also be to stand in the National Council elections in Aargau. It is known that Roland Bühlmann is likely to be the front-runner. Bühlmann is Bühlmann has become known for his fight against Covid 19 measures. The IT entrepreneur from Auw has been president of the association "Friends of the of the "Friends of the Constitution" association, which is critical of the measures. most recently served as co-president of the referendum committee against the the Covid 19 law.

Aargau top candidate - Roland Bühlmann


The opponents of the measures want to run in the autumn elections. But the hoped-for alliances with the SVP are unlikely to materialise. The groups "Aufrecht" and "Mass-Voll" are planning to run in several cantons in the national elections in autumn.


http://SVP-Geschäftsleitung beendet Glarners Flirt mit «Mass-Voll»

The SVP Aargau is sticking to the alliance with the FDP and EDU and does not want to enter into any further list enter into any further list alliances. The cantonal party is clearly committed to the civic list alliance, the SVP Aargau management announced. management of the SVP Aargau. This was in response to an earlier announcement by National Councillor and Aargau party president Andreas Glarner, who with the Mass-Voll citizens' movement, which is represented in the which intends to run a list of candidates in the Aargau National elections in Aargau. The civic movement, which during the Corona pandemic for its opposition to restrictive measures. measures during the Corona pandemic, had previously presented its first two candidates, Nancy Holten and Roland Bühlmann. candidates.


http://"Red line crossed": Will the SVP-FDP alliance in Aargau break up because of Rimoldi's "Mass-Voll"?

The list connection between the Aargau FDP and the SVP is hanging by a thread. This could now break, because Andreas Glarner is flirting with the idea of also the anti-corona movement "Mass-Voll" on board for the National "Mass-Voll" movement on board for the National Council elections.


June 2023


Switzerland is one of the very few countries in the world that allows the people to decide directly on essential political issues through referendums. In Europe, the Swiss Confederation is thus a model for many patriotic parties that also wish to strengthen direct democracy in their countries. The President of the "Friends of the Constitution", the Swiss Dr. Roland Bühlmann, comments in an AUF1 interview on the recent referenda on the continuation of the Covid measures as well as climate protection.


The Covid Bill is on course for a third Yes vote. They had hoped that people had become wiser, said Friends of the Constitution President Roland Bühlmann.

May 2023


On 18 June, Switzerland will vote on the Covid 19 law. For the third time in two years, an alliance of civil rights organisations, associations and parties wants to end what they see as harmful measures.

A No to the bill on 18 June would mean a return to normality, the committee of opponents of the measures against the Covid 19 pandemic told the media in Bern on Thursday. "Corona is over and the Covid certificate must disappear," said Nicolas Rimoldi, president of the Massful movement. He added that the emergency right must be taken away from the Federal Council.

April 2023


The opponents of the measures around "Mass-voll!" speak of an "optimal starting position" to sink the extension of the Covid law at the ballot box - also because the supporters are struggling to get a campaign going.


Certificates, covid tests or software for contact tracing are a thing of the past. On 18 June, however, the Swiss electorate will vote a third time on the legal basis for measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The referendum committee "Measures? No Thanks" submitted a total of 59,211 valid signatures to the Federal Chancellery on 4 April to oppose the amendment to the law Covid-19 of 16 December 2022.

The committee consists mainly of the associations "Mass-Voll" and "Friends of the Constitution". These movements, with no clear political affiliation, have distinguished themselves during the pandemic through their opposition to the policies of the Federal Council and in particular to the Covid 19 certificate.

Passe sanitaire, tests Covid ou logiciel de traçage des contacts appartiennent désormais au passé. On 18 June, the Swiss people will be asked to vote for the third time on the legal basis that regulates measures to combat coronavirus pandemics.


Opponents of the Covid 19 law are also fighting against other threats to free citizens. For example, white lines.

You can choose your friends, but not your family, they say. There is something to this, of course, even if a thin fog of uncertainty obscures whether the constitution has chosen the "friends of the constitution" as friends. Conversely, yes, undoubtedly, just as the friends of the Constitution have come together in agreement with "Mass-Voll" to submit the third referendum against the Covid 19 law.


On 18 June, the Swiss electorate will once again decide on the Covid 19 law. On Tuesday evening, the SVP decided on the official No-parole.

The Swiss electorate will vote again on 18 June on the Covid 19 law. Now there is some momentum in the referendum campaign: on Tuesday evening, in the proverbial shadow of the CS session, the People's Party officially adopted the No-parole. In a media release entitled "Three years of emergency law are enough", the SVP launches a broadside against the law.

The People's Party is convinced that the Federal Council could restrict the freedom of the population at any time with the Covid 19 law. Such "massive encroachments on fundamental rights" cannot be justified by anything, according to the media release.


Various groups of citizens are arguing for a reform of Swiss democracy, calling in particular for the creation of citizens' assemblies. Is the country of initiatives and referendums no longer what it used to be?


In several cantons, critics of Corona measures want to run for the federal elections. In the canton of Zurich, Nicolas Rimoldi, who is known as the head of the Mass-voll movement, wants to enter the Federal Parliament. In doing so, he is to receive support from the Friends of the Constitution.


Le référendum a abouti: la population suisse votera le 18 juin sur la loi Covid. Sauf que la crise est dépassée et que ce scrutin soulève des questions.


The Swiss population will again vote on amendments to the Covid 19 law. This was brought about by a referendum committee around the "Friends of the Constitution".


Le peuple votera le 18 juin prochain pour la troisième fois sur la loi Covid-19. La Chancellerie fédérale a annoncé mardi que le référendum a formellement abouti, avec 56'184 signatures valables.

The Committee of the Whole, which opposes the extension of certain provisions of the Covid-19 law adopted by Parliament in December last year, submitted 59,211 signatures on 30 March. The Chancellery had provisionally reserved the date of 18 June for this vote.

The referendum is notably supported by the Mass-Voll movement, an alpine group that illustrated itself during the pandemic with actions against the policies of the Federal Council, as well as by the Amis de la Constitution. Cette association, créée en juillet 2020, avait également participé au lancement du référendum contre la loi sur le terrorisme.

La remise des signatures contre la Loi Covid le 30 mars dernier à la Chancellerie fédérale, avec en tête des référendaires le président du mouvement Mass-Voll, Nicolas Rimoldi.

March 2023



"Mass-full!" and the Friends of the Constitution have succeeded thanks to a final spurt and collected more than 60,000 signatures against the extension of the Covid law. An FDP National Councillor is now on the referendum committee.

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