Provisional dates for the sovereignty demonstration 27 April 2024, Bern Bundesplatz or 25 May 2024 - Bern Rosalie Wenger Platz

27 April 2024 and 25 May 2024
The committee cordially invites other organisations to participate. All are welcome:
Important information
Provisional dates:

Saturday, 27 April 2024, Bern, Bundesplatz
Saturday, 25 May 2024, Bern, Rosalie-Wenger-Platz

All of a sudden, the Bernese authorities decided that the Bundesplatz was no longer possible on 25 May. We negotiated for a long time.
We are making the best of the new situation and are [provisionally] planning two (!) sovereignty demos against the WHO pandemic pact and the IHR!

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