Past the parents!

A new regulation on the school medical service of the city of Solothurn raises eyebrows. Paragraph 7 deals with the "medical interview for adolescents".

In the 8th / 9th grade, "only a brief examination takes place, which should be supplemented with a counseling interview. The vaccination status is collected and supplemented on the occasion of this interview. No communication shall be made to the parent or guardian without the express consent of the juvenile.." (emphasis by author)

Previously, it was clear that parental consent had to be obtained for health issues.

Parents should be brought on board with such important concerns as the health of our children and their immunization status. A de facto exclusion clause as suggested by paragraph 7 is unacceptable!

Regulations for the school medical service 2021


Regulations for the school medical service of 9 May 1978

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