Off to the hunt

Now, these critics of measures, they are somewhat abstruse people. Aren't they?

And I mean, you read more and more reports about the misbehavior of these people. They cough at sales staff, spit at policemen's heads and their thoughts are highly toxic "amalgam". You know, they're all kind of right-wing too, kind of conspiracy-mythical. And somehow also anti-Semitic, you know what I mean?

by Michael Bubendorf

I think something should be done about these government critics. How long are we going to stand by and watch this? Sometimes I think they should all be locked up. But I'm not sure that's enough. Can't we do more than just lock them up? Shouldn't the screw be tightened a little more? Shouldn't there be, and this is just a thought now, a manhunt for people like this? A manhunt?

And now I read at 20 minutes that measure critics in Australia - that is, at the other end of the world - may have beaten a horse. While I'm not entirely sure it matters that much to the world whether a horse was (possibly) beaten in Australia. But it helps me understand that somehow critics of measures are just unpleasant people. Inferior, somehow. Who beats horses? Are they crazy? And that's why it matters, and that's why, after all, the (uninjured) horse that was (maybe) beaten was written about all over the world. Not only at Sky News, but also at the Daily Mail and the Express in the UK, at CNN in the US, people learned of the earth-shattering incident involving the unfortunate "beautiful police horse". The Metro newspaper reported that a manhunt was now underway for the perpetrator; "Manhunt". A manhunt!

I'm going to boxing practice now. Luckily I have this valve.
Otherwise, I'd probably be beating horses, too.

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