Punish one, educate hundreds!

It does not matter whether this saying actually comes from Mao or whether it is only attributed to him: One thing is for sure, the instruction to act works! And it is also certain that this principle will be followed. Also in Switzerland?

A look at Zermatt provides some insight. There, the Aufdenblatten family, who run the "Walliser Kanne", have been refusing to comply with the authorities' instructions for weeks. They do not wear a mask and the certificate requirement doesn't make sense to them either. They do not care. From their point of view, there is no factual justification for the measures. Restaurants are not hotspots for infection.

Then the bang: the security department closes the restaurant at the end of October 2021 and puts concrete blocks in front of it. So that everyone notices: Attention, this restaurant is closed. Because even that is no argument for the family (the authorities have not shown them the evidence of the measures), the restaurant remains open for them.

Then on the 31st October: the big operation!

According to an eyewitness, about 20 (!) police officers surrounded the bar. They turned the guests in and arrested the three Aufdenblatten family members. Arrest? No, you can't call it that. During the arrest they dislocate the son's shoulder, beat up the mother and punched the father in the neck. Medical help is denied to the injured for hours. Mario Julen, who was at the scene and testified to this. He is no stranger to the Valais, very well known as a hotelier, real estate promoter and philosopher. He offers himself to the police as a mediator because he is a friend of the Aufdenblattens. The police turn him down and also forbid him to use his mobile phone.

The Aufdenblatten family is in custody until the 4th of November. The public prosecutor's office requested for a detention for a provisional period of one month. This has now been rejected by the compulsory measures court. There was no danger that "a serious crime" would be committed. Mind you, the public prosecutor's office saw it differently.

There was obviously danger ahead. But the danger did not come from the Corona virus. The danger came from the example they made. The example of the "Walliser Kanne" was not allowed to set a precedent. Not at any price!

Punish one, educate hundreds!

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