"covidgesetz-nein.ch" is online!

The first milestones in the campaign against the tightening of the Covid law have been reached. The campaign and agency team has left the creation phase behind and the new website with the first three subjects online.

With three easy-to-understand, majority-capable messages, we will try to clear the 50% hurdle and win the population for a No vote.

The messages are short, concise and each supplemented with a pictogram/icon so that they stand out.

In the first two weeks of October, we will supply the regional groups of the Friends of the Constitution and partner organisations with banners, balcony flags, hollow-chamber posters, flyers and other material so that the campaign quickly gains a lot of visibility. The regional group leaders will be informed in detail about the campaign next weekend and will be able to provide the best information from then on.

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