The Committee of Jurists makes three central demands!

The Federal Council is examining exit options, and an alliance of business and bourgeois politicians is calling for "Freedom Day" and the immediate end of all measures.

How should the situation be assessed? The Committee of Jurists has examined the situation in detail and comes to the following conclusions. The "special situation" is to be terminated with immediate effect. The Lawyers' Committee therefore calls on Parliament, during the next Parliamentary session in February 2022, to repeal the Covid 19 Act with immediate effect by means of an urgency clause and at the same time to initiate a compensation law, which will be limited in time until 31.12. 2022. 

For many, fast, unbureaucratic support is needed now: culture, showmen, sports, in case of loss of income and unemployment. Family-supplementary childcare must also be strengthened financially.

It is not only the Covid 19 Act that needs to be repealed. The Epidemics Act must also be urgently revised. All articles containing special powers must be deleted. This concerns Art. 6, which mentions the WHO as a reference for "special situation". Furthermore, there is no need for the mention of an "extraordinary situation" (Art.7). It merely allows for special powers of the Federal Council vis-à-vis the cantons. A sensitive point in this law is also the possibility of compulsory vaccination, everything about the international vaccination certificate and the traceability system. These articles must also be deleted.

The Lawyers' Committee also calls on parliament to set up a parliamentary commission of enquiry. In particular, the costs of the so-called "measures" must be thoroughly investigated. This commission must investigate how much money was spent for the compensation of the measures, for the purchase of vaccines and the payment of the task force and the propaganda and events of the FOPH. Apparently, millions of additional vaccine doses have already been ordered in advance and money has also been spent on the further development of the certificate. 

All the legal provisions listed above must be deleted from Swiss law. We have seen that they have led to serious, unacceptable violations of fundamental rights due to uncritical application on the part of the authorities.

Link to the petition of the Lawyers' Committee

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