The Confederation deceives the sovereign

- the voting question is completely one-sided!

What are the critical measures and the negative impact of the Covid law that we will vote for on the 28th of November? At the centre the unfair and discriminatory certificatewhich excludes people from social life, denies them access to university or the workplace and divides the whole country. Furthermore, we will vote on a massive Increase in power for the Federal Council and a digital contact tracing, with which the Swiss population is monitored. That is why the referendum was taken!

But what does the ballot paper communicate instead? None of these points are mentioned! The ballot paper completely conceals what the referendum is about. Instead there is talk of hardship cases and childcare. This is an insolence and a deception of the people!

Because such deception causes lasting damage to confidence in Swiss democracy, we have complained to the Federal Chancellery. The Federal Chancellery justifies itself by saying that the title of the amendment was chosen in parliament and that this official title had to be used for the voting question. So the title was misleading from the start!

The referendum question conceals the dangerous tightening of the Covid law. The Confederation is thus violating its duty to provide objective and neutral information to the voting public. This one-sided presentation is intended to influence the result of the vote in their favour with a Yes. The Swiss people must see through this deception, teach the federal government a lesson and vote NO to the dangerous covid tightening!

Siegfried Hettegger, Co-Campaign Manager
Sandro Meier, Co-Campaign Manager

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