Friends of the Constitution launch cantonal initiative to protect children and young people

Together with other organisations, the Friends of the Constitution are launching the child protection initiative ("No coercion against children and young people") in several cantons. The initiative aims to ensure in as many cantons in Switzerland as possible that pupils are not subjected to health measures without the consent of their parents and that there is no more discrimination.

The launch of the cantonal popular initiative on child protection ("No coercion against children and young people") starts in the cantons of Bern, Thurgau, Zurich and Zug. Its aim is to protect pupils from state abuse and to strengthen the rights of parents and guardians. They also aim to prevent children and young people from being discriminated against.

The initiatives demand, among other things:

  • No masks, no vaccination, no distance rules for children and youth!
  • Children and adolescents, together with their parents or guardians, decide for themselves how to protect themselves and others if their health situation so requires.
  • Teachers must not be forced to implement measures or suffer disadvantages if they refuse to do so.
  • Parents have the right to withhold their consent to measures. This must not lead to disadvantages and discrimination.

Children and young people particularly affected by measures

In order to ensure that all children and adolescents receive the necessary protection, initiatives are to be launched in practically all cantons. The Friends of the Constitution are working together with other organisations, such as MASS-VOLL! and the Swiss Teachers' Network.

The background to the launch of these cantonal popular initiatives is the experience of two years of state Corona measures. Even though we are not experiencing any restrictions from the state side at the moment, the sometimes drastic measures remain in our painful memories - and new measures can follow at any time. The long period of the measures was particularly problematic for our children and young people. They, who are demonstrably neither in danger of falling seriously ill nor in any other way drivers of the pandemic, were forced to wear masks to school. They have had nonsensical spacing rules imposed on them - indeed, they have been irresponsibly terrified.

Not only that: vaccination buses in front of the schools were supposed to motivate the children to vaccinate. Those who did not want to were subjected to strong peer pressure. It has long been scientifically proven that the harmful effects of vaccination on the health of children and adolescents are greater than those of the Corona virus. Furthermore, young people were denied access to libraries unless they could show proof of recovery or a vaccination certificate. Constant testing with the PCR test was expensive - and as we know today, this test could not make any reliable statements about health status at all.

Massive restrictions without evidence must not be repeated

The irresponsible and misguided measure experiments at schools led to severe psychological problems such as depression, sleep disorders and anxiety in many children and adolescents. The child and youth psychiatric services are overburdened and overwhelmed because of this.

Such massive restrictions of fundamental rights, for which there was and is demonstrably no evidence, must never be repeated again! Our children and young people have a right to physical integrity, must be able to meet their friends and need unhindered access to educational institutions. The cantonal child protection initiative is needed to ensure all this.

Friends of the Constitution, MASS-VOLL!

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