The never-ending drudgery of the Aufdenblatten family....

Now it's out: everyone knows that the Swiss Covid certificate never represented a guarantee of protection in any form. The narrative of the government and the authorities, however, sounded quite different: those who had been injected were supposedly safe from infection and would not be able to pass on the virus. Why then did they want to separate them from the uninfected by certificate? If nothing could happen to them ...

We have to assume that the government and the authorities had known for a long time that the syringe did not guarantee protection. But the millions spent on the miracle syringes had to be justified somehow - so they continued to spread these false statements undeterred.

Also the Aufdenblatten family in Zermatt with their restaurant "Walliserkanne" saw that the certificate did not deliver what it promised. They, like many others, quickly realised this and therefore did not comply with the senseless measures. But this was to take bitter revenge. It was not the truth that prevailed, but the power of the state! It is now one year since the Aufdenblatten family was imprisoned, charged and physically abused with brute police force.

We thank the Aufdenblatten family from the bottom of our hearts for their personal commitment and courage in defending the law, the constitution and common sense. It is clear that she was not concerned with profit or power, but simply with justice.

Common sense has not yet made itself felt on the part of the public prosecutor's office - the Aufdenblattens will continue to be harassed at all possible legal levels. And all because of a piece of paper that is not even worth the printer's ink, as we know today. The case is void because the certificate is a misrepresentation, if not an official lie.

And the politicians and the authorities? The desire for power and the profit of the pharmaceutical companies are still at the top of the list.

How much longer do we have to wait for parliamentarians to finally exercise their duty of oversight over the executive? Why do taxpayers' money continue to be squandered with such proceedings as those against the Aufdenblattens?

And the extension of the certificate until 2024? It no longer has any justification. Instead, an honest reappraisal of the so-called pandemic and the measures taken against it should finally be tackled. If this is not done, there is a suspicion that a cover-up is being carried out on a grand scale.


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