Freedom of the press in Switzerland is in danger! That's right!

On Wednesday, 4 May, one could read in the NZZ 1 and hear on the radio the day before that "Journalists without Borders" have catapulted Switzerland to 14th place - 4 points down - in their annual "Press Freedom Ranking".

The reasons? Among other things, it is said that during the Corona crisis a "climate of hostility and intimidation towards the media developed". It also talks about right-wing extremism and violence against media workers in Germany, where it is "similar to Switzerland".

If one takes a closer look at the report by Journalists without Borders, nothing at all is said about "right-wing extremism, opponents of measures and violence" with regard to Switzerland. They even describe the situation in Switzerland as "still very good".

We note: Another case of framing! The narrative being worked on here once again is clear: opponents of measures are right-wing extremists and violent. They are destroying the freedom of the press.

But what is it really like?

Yes, freedom of the press is in danger. In Switzerland, too. But the opponents of the measures have nothing to do with that.

In fact, in Switzerland we have an alarming closeness between politics and the media. We remember the directive of Ringier CEO Marc Walder! His obedience to the Federal Parliament shook Switzerland! 2

Or: When 100 cultural workers make the "right" statement on the Ukraine war in an appeal 3they easily make it to the front pages. But when more than 300 lawyers point out the need to seriously process the Corona policy 4it is not even worth a marginal note.

So - our media are not free. That's right. They nestle up to the powerful. That - and only that - hinders free journalism.

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