A good day for direct democracy!

Reason has triumphed.

On the last Sunday of the referendum, the people clearly sank the extreme media law at the ballot box. For the Federal Council and the "media minister" Simonetta Sommaruga, this is a resounding slap in the face.

That was too much. The media law provided for the private Swiss media to receive an additional 178 million francs per year from the state treasury. The taxpayers, i.e. we citizens, were to pay for it.

And of all things, the media, which make millions of dollars every year anyway, are the media that the state now wants to make compliant. Who bites the hand that feeds him?

Now the people have said no! The people want fair, independent journalism. They want a real fourth estate. It is an important element in any democracy. Now is the time to completely unbundle journalism and state support!

The friends of the constitution supported the referendum because the constitutional basis for this package of measures was missing. Parliament nevertheless waved the law through in full awareness of its unconstitutionality and has now been presented with the bill by the sovereign!

The fact that not only did the people not follow the recommendation of the Federal Council and parliament on the media law, but also said no to three out of four proposals, indicates a serious loss of confidence in parliament and the executive. Citizens have become more critical and, at least in this case, have seen through the untruths told by the "media minister". Sommaruga were disseminated. 

A big compliment to the electorate!

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