A place for reflection on the constitution

Repealing some measures is not enough.
We call for the establishment of an extra-parliamentary commission of enquiry.

The statue was created by artist Alcide Rüfeli as a place of reflection to keep alive the memory of the measures taken against the Corona "pandemic". The video is a production of the "Friends of the Constitution". All those involved wanted to ensure that this period with its violations of fundamental rights is and remains documented. As a sculptor, Alcide Rüfeli is convinced that only things carved in stone survive the centuries.

The artwork currently stands above the Tellsplatte on Lake Lucerne. Our partners, Aktionsbündnis Urkantone, have organised this with an interest group. The plan is for the statue to 'wander' and be placed in many places in Switzerland. This will also involve transport costs, as it can probably be dismantled into parts, but it weighs a whole ton!

We would appreciate concrete suggestions for new locations and support with transport costs.

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