Result Board Elections

Dear members of the Association, dear friends of the Constitution

A few hours ago we received the decision from the election officer. The team for 'Freedom, Fundamental Rights and Self-Determination' (List 2) received the most votes in our elections and may lead the fate of our association as the new board for one year. We would like to express our sincere thanks for the trust you have placed in us and look forward to the great and responsible task ahead.

In the snow flurry of early April, we have already prepared something in case of an election. Next weekend, 23/24 April, we will start our work at a first board meeting and distribute the departments internally. We hope that we will then be able to start organising the urgent tasks. The immediate tasks are the adaptation of the statutes, the internal reorganisation and the preparation of the General Assembly 2022, which will probably take place on Saturday 25 June.

We have provided details of our intended long-term orientation of the association at set out in detail in the section "Our goals". In addition, there are All future board members at a glance visible.

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