Freiburg on 6 November, THE demonstration!

All together against the COVID law!

On 6 November, the MSLC (Swiss Movement for the Freedom of Citizens) invites the whole of Switzerland to Fribourg, to the heart of our country, to this city that symbolises unity between the linguistic regions.


Let's all come together on 6 November to demonstrate our resistance to the tightening of the Covid law, which will lead to exclusion, discrimination and a society of general surveillance!

Let's all come together on 6 November to show our opposition to forced vaccination, especially of children, enforced by unprecedented social pressure!

Let us all come together on 6 November to express our desire for a more open, fraternal society based on unconditional respect for people and living things!
On 6 November, we call on all citizens and professions to join us in Fribourg: students, restaurant owners, shopkeepers, cultural workers, health workers... Everyone affected by the stigmatisation caused by the Covid laws!

Don't stay isolated... Together we can create a different future for our country! With united strength and determination, we can change EVERYTHING by rejecting the Covid Bill and its anti-freedom health certificate....

See you on 6 November in Freiburg... for freedom!

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