Framing at its best

Instead of finally taking a journalistically meticulous look at the ruinous measures against the Corona "pandemic", the Tages-Anzeiger uses last week's kidnapping case in Zurich to discredit the citizens' movement.

First the facts: A few days ago, a German kidnapped the Zurich vaccination chief Christoph Berger in Wallisellen, then released him a short time later. During the attempt to arrest the kidnapper and his companion, both are killed.

The Tages-Anzeiger writes: "As yet, hardly any details are known. [...] The public prosecutor's office has rightly started an investigation to find out what exactly happened.[1] But that does not prevent Tamedia editor-in-chief Artur Rutishauser from calling this criminal act of kidnapping, the background to which was still in the dark on Saturday, for an Articles of agitation against the citizens' movementto abuse the so-called opponents of measures in general, who make use of their democratically legitimised right to protest against these measures. He has the nerve to put the responsibility for the tragic event in Wallisellen on the people who oppose a vaccination that has hardly been researched. One day later, on Sunday, one learns from "20 Minuten" that it was all about blackmail for purely economic reasons. This can be inferred from a statement by Berger. So this kidnapping had nothing whatsoever to do with the citizens' movement of the opponents of the measures!

The Tages-Anzeiger has spread fake news and deliberately discredited thousands of people with the commentary of its chief editor. A clear correction and an apology are urgently needed!

Instead of attacking the citizens' movement, it would be time to take a critical look at the measures imposed by the Federal Council over the past two years.

For example, the Tages-Anzeiger should

  • the last two years, instead of the "blessing of vaccinations".[2] to talk about the sometimes devastating side effects,
  • point to the fact that vaccinations offer neither self-protection nor protection from others,
  • demonstrate that vaccination, if enforced, violates the Constitution,
  • vehemently demand a reappraisal of the last two years to uncover the ruinous collateral damage of the measures,
  • Launch an article highlighting the overcrowded children's psychiatric hospitals[3],
  • report on the many catering businesses that are on the verge of going out of business,
  • write about the increase in suicides during the lockdowns,
  • report very basically that the constitution has been violated in the last two years in terms of human dignity, equality of rights, bodily integrity and protection of privacy, to name but a few articles.

Mr Rutishuser, take heart and put all this on the front page! And apologise to all the people who peacefully, honestly and constructively stand by and defend their constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights!

[1] Tages-Anzeiger, 9 April 2022, p. 2

[2] "Because, despite high vaccination rates, recent infection rates are 50 per cent above the peak levels since the pandemic began, the argument of containing an external effect through widespread vaccination also falls apart." Konstantin Beck. Is vaccination a categorical imperative? in The Corona Elephant. 2022. S. 218

[3] "However, it is worrying that the proportion of depressives is particularly high among 14 to 24 year-olds and that one in three people now say that they recognise depressive symptoms. Daniel Gerny. Young people suffer most from Corona. NZZ. 22.12.2022.

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