Friends of the Constitution to hold referendum against Covid Bill

The Friends of the Constitution will fight the extension of the Covid law with another referendum. They want to limit the undemocratic power of the Federal Council. If the people's representatives in Bern do not do it, then it is our task to prevent the division of society by the discriminatory and useless Covid certificate at the ballot box if necessary.

The Friends of the Constitution continue to fight for the respect of fundamental rights. If Parliament extends the Covid Act for another two years, as the Federal Council has promised, we will launch a referendum against it. This business will probably be dealt with in the autumn session of 2022. The Covid Act continues to secure additional powers for the Federal Council, which it can reactivate if necessary. The discriminatory and unfortunate certificate, which cements the two-class society, is thus not off the table for another two years. There is no scientific evidence for the benefits of the certificate. 

The fact is: the Covid certificate does not protect anyone from infection or transmission. A large part of the Swiss population is not (or no longer) vaccinated. The Covid certificate therefore has no epidemiological benefit, but causes immense damage socially and politically. Furthermore, the Covid law provides the basis for the medically and democratically questionable fast-track approval of vaccines and medicines.

Executive Board and 30 regional group leaders stand behind referendum decision 

The decision to launch a referendum against a possible extension of the Covid law was taken by the Executive Committee and around 30 regional group leaders of the Friends of the Constitution at a three-day closed meeting. They largely agreed to resolutely continue the commitment to democracy and fundamental rights. The Friends of the Constitution have already successfully seized the referendum against the Covid law twice, showing that they can mobilise an enormous number of citizens in a very short time. In the first referendum in spring 2021, over 180,000 signatures were collected within three weeks. Although almost all parties and associations as well as all mainstream media without exception opposed our referendum, we rallied 40 per cent of the electorate behind us in the referendum. 

No harassment, paternalism and division

If we are forced to take the referendum against the Covid law again, we can count on the support of numerous other organisations of the civil rights movement. With their commitment to the rule of law, democracy and freedom, Friends of the Constitution remain true to their basic mission: we do not accept harassment, paternalism and division by the state. The many citizens disappointed by the policy of measures and the effect of the Corona vaccination will be watching very closely what the elected representatives and the government in Bern are doing. The friends of the constitution are standing by! 

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