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Referendum 3
Emergency Rights Initiative Canton Zurich
Child Protection Initiative Zurich
Giacometti Initiative
Reappraisal initiative
Sovereignty Initiative



Referendum 3

In mid-February we honestly doubted a little! The signatures were slowly trickling into our office and we wondered if all the mockers and scoffers would be proved right - but no! You out there made it possible: we were able to collect over 70'000 signatures, 10'000 more than we wanted. Next Thursday we will deliver the certified signatures to the Federal Chancellery and immediately start the campaign, because the vote is already on 18 June.
At this point we just want to say a HUGE thank you again: thank you for letting us count on you!

Invitation: On Thursday, 30 March 2023, we will hand over the signatures to the Federal Chancellery. If you would like to be there, you are very welcome. We will gather on the Federal Terrace from about 9:00 and we think it will go until about 10:30.

To the voters from the Canton of Zurich

The following two concerns Although this only concerns readers from the canton of Zurich, we would nevertheless like to make an appeal on behalf of the requested organisations:

Even if the initiative is cantonal, it is perhaps more topical than ever: wasn't it just a week ago that another bank was unceremoniously 'sold off' under the guise of "emergency law" (Memes*)? In any case, the initiative committee of the Emergency law initiative to us with the request to draw attention to their concern - we are very happy to do so! Please sign the form if you have not already done so and are entitled to vote in Zurich: download signature sheet. Please send the sheets by 2 April 2023 by A Mail - the initiative committee thanks you very much for this.

The Child Protection Initiative Zurich fight for the last signatures! Again, a final call to still fill out the signature sheet or to encourage someone else to do so. The link to the form is here (Link).
Please return the sheets asap - they must reach the initiative committee by 20 April at the latest. Thank you very much.

Giacometti Initiative

The Giacometti Initiative needs help! We still have some time - but we are still far more than halfway to the 100,000 signatures needed. This initiative wants federal laws that are declared urgent (such as the Covid 19 law) to be mandatorily confirmed by the people within 100 days of coming into force. We welcome this idea and ask all those who have not yet signedto do this yet. Here is the direct Link to the signature form. Thank you very much!

Reappraisal initiative

The Reappraisal initiativesupported by the Friends of the Constitution, has got off to a good start (and practically without any advertising). Well over 20,000 donations have already been Signature sheetordered, a few thousand have already been received. In April, the handling will be taken over by our office. We feel confirmed in our view that the time is slowly ripe to look at the past and to bring clarity and light into this chapter of history of more than three years. In our eyes, the goal and the possibility of a clean reappraisal is clear: from learning about consequences to forgiveness... Just a few days ago, there was another (pseudo?) call in the 'leading media': "SRF questions Corona policy: (...)" (Weltwoche, Link*). In Austria, England or Germany it is becoming more and more of an issue (e.g. On1, Link* or The Telegraph, Link* or 3Sat, Link*).

We'll keep at it - or better: we're just getting started! Signature sheets are still available orderable hereThey will then be sent by post.

Sovereignty Initiative

Our second "lighthouse project" is the Sovereignty Initiativewhich will be launched together with MASS-VOLL! The launch is scheduled for mid-April, by which time we want to prepare everything as best we can. We believe that supra-national organisations should not be above the sovereignty of individual states - and above all: their voting citizens! Just yesterday (25.3.2023) we read: "The current WHO reform threatens nation-state sovereignty (...)". ( tkp, link*), or Elon Musk writes "Countries should not cede authority to WHO" ( twitter, link *). But of course one may also believe the answer of WHO chief (e.g. Eva Herman, Link*) - it is up to everyone. In any case, we are of the opinion that this must be more clearly regulated by law - because the reality of the last few years showed that for 'inexplicable' reasons about 90% of the countries of a planet suddenly march in lockstep - and demonstrably without any consultation of the people. Hence the Sovereignty Initiative. To go with this, a few book recommendations such as "Wer schweigt, stimmt zu" by Ulrike Guérot (Link*), "Who if not Bill?" by Sven Böttcher (Link*) or "Lockdown" by Michael Morris (Link*). Again and again, the question comes up: who decides? what do the people allow to happen to them? How can one counter the 'dictatorship from above'?...


Do you already know Hoch2? Switzerland can be happy about a new, independent news format - and we are happy too! We're even more pleased that we were featured in the first programme - thank you very much for that!

We sincerely wish the station and the people behind it all the best!


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