On 2.2.22 the Federal Council announces far-reaching relaxations. That gives hope - logically. But - "easing" is part of the prison slang: If the detainees (home office/quarantine) are obedient, then there are "relaxations" - if not, then there are "tightenings" again: it's their own fault.
The so-called "vaccination" is to be intensified (>32!!! million mRNA doses have been ordered: "GATES eigedli no?") and the tracking app is being further developed - with our money.
Anyone who believes that the C-dictatorship will soon be over is naive. The business of fear and panic is far too lucrative - but only for a very, very small minority. On the other hand, the vast majority is suffering more and more. The debt (dependencies) of states and households is exploding. Hunger has doubled - because of the criminal measures: this planemic is hardly spoken of!

The 1,000 most powerful wealth extremists (RExtremists) meet periodically at the WEF, which Klaus Schwab founded in 1971. Clearly, ministers (=derivation of altar boys) like Berset, journalists, religious leaders, artists, NGO representatives etc. were also present in Davos in 2020. These people are primarily the command receivers of the RExtremists.

Klaus Schwab has already published the book "Covid-19: The Great Reset" in July 2020. So no sooner has C-19 begun than Mr Schwab already knows that C-19 is a rare and narrow opportunity to "reset" our planet. Anyone who has ever looked into "Event201" knows that Schwab had a head start on knowledge. Great Reset has nothing to do with democracy: unelected RExtremists dictate to the altar boys (have small already learned to obey) what to do. So it is indeed powerful dictators who are violating our constitutionally guaranteed human rights - but indirectly: people like piccolo Berset are being used. Fear and panic of the invisible, which constantly mutates, continues to be used propagandistically to implement cash abolition, compulsory vaccination, transhumanism, tracking technology, total automation and expropriations.
The mission statement of the Great Reset is as follows: "You will own nothing and you will be happy."

If the subjects own nothing - who do they rent what they need from? Exactly - from the unelected WEF oligarchs who - thanks to C-19 - have written profits like never before in history. Attentive people have long understood that "the higher-ups" do not abide by their own regulations. For example, there are enough pictures showing the powerful at their parties without masks. These people also don't let themselves be injected with the toxic mRNA substance.

We should no longer accept state-organised human crimes. We must act radically - i.e. go to the roots (radix): Criminal organisations like WEF, BIS, GAVI, WHO must be abolished. We as Swiss - as FdV - have a special responsibility here!

Back to the Schwab reset. My suggestion for Hilde and Klaus Schwab is to act in an exemplary manner: Schwabs give away their billions and wealth to the people who suffer the most because of WEF-ish deals. The now dispossessed - i.e. happy - Schwabs rent a Tiny house with a garden and implement what they have been planning for us for decades. We'll put a fence around it - maybe go to this zoo at the weekend and see how their happiness develops. The handouts in the form of a basic income are guaranteed to them - but only if they are nice and well-behaved...

This text was written because an FdV member feels that it is urgently necessary for more people to concern themselves with the Great Reset. It describes quite openly what we can expect in the near future. However, he does not recommend buying the book. You can borrow it from friends or from the library.

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