Michael Bubendorf in the Gradido Podcast

Great Cooperation - supporting structures for a healthy world

How can we permanently establish a non-violent and peace-promoting society and prepare a future worth living for our children and the children of the world?

Do we have any chance at all, given the vehemence with which politics and the big corporations are pushing globalisation and depriving us of all our freedoms? Yet our liberties are enshrined in the Swiss Constitution as an indispensable prerequisite for human happiness!

At Gradido Podcast Philipp Kessler talks to Michael Bubendorf and Gradido founder Bernd Hückstädt. Among other things, they talk about what Gradido and the Friends of the Constitution have in common, about the strategy of undermining the 'Great Reset' with a 'Great Cooperation' and the possibility of building parallel structures in which a healthy coexistence can already be lived.

In addition to free schools that accompany and support children instead of 'educating' them, the peaceful transformation of the monetary system plays a leading role. Gradido is a new monetary and economic system modelled on nature. In this 'Natural Economy of Life', money is no longer created through debt, but through life and people themselves. This happens through 'Unconditional Participation', where every person can contribute to the community with their inclinations and talents, thus earning their 'Active Basic Income' and at the same time developing their full potential. The Active Basic Income is voluntary and a basic amount. Of course, everyone can earn additional money as they wish. Gradido does not require any taxes at all and is therefore also highly interesting for entrepreneurs.

We will succeed together: "Those who love peace must organise as effectively as those who love war", Martin Luther King once said. So let us join forces in a 'Great Cooperation'! If we let this opportunity pass, we will not be able to look our children in the eye when they grow up. However, if we succeed in the transformation, we as a human family will make the earth a paradise again, as it was probably once meant to be.

Information about the Gradido Academy for Business Bionics, Great Cooperation and Gradido Podcast on www.gradido.net

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