Michael Bubendorf leaves the board of the Friends of the Constitution

At the Board meeting today, Tuesday 14th of December, Werner Boxler, Marion Russek, Sandro Meier and Christina Rüdiger confirmed in writing the resignation submitted by Michael Bubendorf at the beginning of October 2021. Due to the ongoing campaign, the communication of the resignation was postponed until after the vote. Michael Bubendorf had been "on leave" as a board member since the beginning of October at his own request, he was no longer active for our association and no longer took part in meetings.

The public appearances that Michael Bubendorf has had since the beginning of October represent his private opinion. and not that of the association "Friends of the Constitution". We distance ourselves from this. This clarification is important because he was still perceived as a member of the board and made statements in various appearances that are not compatible with the mission statement and the charter of the association "Friends of the Constitution".

The association "Friends of the Constitution" wants to strengthen the rule of law, which is showing signs of disintegration, and not let interpersonal dialogue break down.
It works to ensure that the fundamental rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution apply to all people living in Switzerland and consistently pursues its goals peacefully.

The Executive Committee thanks Michael Bubendorf for his excellent work as spokesperson during the spring 2021 referendum campaign. The Executive Committee wishes him all the best and continued success on his way.

Please understand that we do not provide any further information in this matter and are not available for interviews.

For the Board of Directors:

Werner Boxler

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