No to the WHO pandemic treaty!

"The state of emergency will be the normality."

Karl Lauterbach on 15 March 2022 1

What is it about?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is planning an agreement to establish global "pandemic preparedness". 

This agreement is intended to make it possible for the WHO to no longer only - as in the past - Recommendations for the governments of the member states, but Decisions meets, which would be considered laws and would even be above our constitution.2
This undermines our democratic institutions - by the WHO, which is not democratically legitimised. 

We remember: WHO is 80% dependent on donors, namely IT and pharmaceutical corporations. 3private foundations and, as the largest private donor, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our governments will be degraded to executive bodies. We - the citizens - will then have no democratic control at all.

The WHO could impose strict Measures prescribe. It could also require a Make vaccination compulsory in all member states!

It is about nothing less than the disempowerment of sovereign states, their governments and parliaments.

The prehistory - a concerted action

November 2020: Charles Michel, President of the European Council, puts forward the idea of a global pandemic treaty in the "Paris Peace Forum".4 on.

January 2021: Von der Leyen warns of the coming "era of pandemics5. Bill Gates writes practically at the same time in the annual report of his foundation6that it No return to normality for a long time will exist. He pleads for "mega-diagnosis platforms", with which Up to 20% of the world's population tested every week could become. That's 1600 million tests per week!

30 March 2021: The WHO publishes an Appeal by 25 heads of government7The government is now working to conclude an international pandemic treaty. Global health emergencies are expected in the future. No country can cope with this alone. That means in plain language: Mass testing as a permanent fixture! If a flu-level virus appears somewhere, the countermeasures come: Isolation, lockdowns, all kinds of restrictions on basic rights. No country should be allowed to opt out!

24 May 2021: Berset opens the 74th World Health Assembly of the WHO in Geneva with an appeal to all countries to "improve the health architecture".
support8. This refers to the WHO pandemic treaty!

We say no to the WHO pandemic treaty!
Health needs freedom, democracy and self-determination. 

Our sovereignty is at stake!

Time is of the essence! The next meeting will be held on 1 August 2022. A "progress report" is to be presented at the 76th World Health Assembly in May 2023. The agreement is to enter into force in a legally binding way as early as 2024!

Write letters of protest to Tedros9 from the WHO and to Alain Berset10!

Switzerland must not sign this "pandemic treaty"!

Each country must be able to decide on its own health prevention and protection measures!

WHO contract_sample letter (DOCX)






2 https://gesundheit-ö


4 Main sponsors (Strategic Partners) are, besides the EU Commission, the Open Society Fondations of billionaire George Soros and Mircosoft. Also the Gates, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, Youtube (Google). These are also the main sponsors of the WHO and international vaccination activities.





9 H.E. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General, World Health Organization, Avenue Appia 20, 1202 Geneva

10 Alain Berset, Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA, General Secretariat GS-EDI, Inselgasse 1, CH-3003 Bern

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