Referendum 3 and a few initiatives

The third referendum urgently needs the last signatures! As of now, a flyer-everywhere campaign can be supported.


Many times we have reported about the cantonal child protection initiatives, partly called "No coercion against children". One last time we would like to inform about it. Unfortunately, in the end fewer cantons decided to launch such an initiative than hoped for at the beginning. We think that this was mainly due to the fact that the measures are practically over on the outside and thus the urgency was no longer there. Perhaps such measures as we experienced will not come again - all the better. In any case, in the canton Appenzell Outer Rhodes and Nidwalden reached the required number of votes - the initiatives have thus been successfully entered. At Thurgau and in Bern the required number of signatures was unfortunately not reached - the initiatives therefore did not come to fruition. And in the canton Train the initiative was paused - it would continue if necessary. The most important thing, however, is the KSI in ZurichThere, the collection will continue until 7 April! So if you live in the canton Zurich and are entitled to vote, then please still sign - thank you very much.


Giacometti Initiative

The Giacometti Initiative wants federal laws that are declared urgent (such as the Covid 19 law) to be mandatorily confirmed by the people within 100 days of coming into force. If the people then rejected the law, it would immediately be suspended. We believe this initiative strengthens the sovereign and therefore we support it. So far, only about one third of the required signatures have been received - unfortunately, the collection target is still far from being reached.  Therefore, we ask for the support of all those who have not yet signed: The collection period runs until mid-June. Please print out and sign now - here is the direct link Link to the signature form. Thank you very much!

Final spurt Referendum 3

The third referendum against the Covid 19 law is coming into the home straight... We ask everyone to still sign this important referendum if you haven't already. For all those who have already signed and still want to get involved, we have started a flyer everywhere campaign! As of now, you can send communities sponsorThe signature sheet can then be distributed - for as little as a few francs! All info under Flyer-Everywhere. Please help us to collect the 50,000 certified signatures - thank you very much!

Further information also here:

Reappraisal initiative

These days the Reappraisal initiative. The Friends of the Constitution support this because we believe it is important to look at the past and bring clarity and light to this chapter of history that has lasted over three years. Literarily, this has already been done several times - we can "Chronicle of an announced crisis" by Paul Schreyer or "Inside Corona" by Thomas Röper are highly recommended*. These already show a little that practically nothing happens in politics without being planned. And if these events are dealt with by an independent commission of enquiry, conclusions can be drawn: from learning to consequences to forgiveness... Since the signature sheets are in A3 format, you can order them online. This is as of now Possible here!

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