Now monkeypox!

6000 infected people worldwide! The course of the disease is usually mild! Infection routes known!But: "WHO declares monkeypox outbreak an emergency of international concern".

WHO Director-General Tedros surprisingly classified the spread of monkeypox as a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" (PHEIC) on 21.7.2022. He acted here Against the recommendation of the members of its Committee of Experts. They advised him against it by a majority (9 against: 6 for). 

Not surprisingly, the vaccine for monkeypox is already ready. 

Of course, it has not yet been tested. The EU had already ordered "Imvanex", the vaccine against monkeypox, from the biotech company Bavarian Nordic in mid-June. The global interest was overwhelming, the company reported at the beginning of June 2022.

Joy reigns above all on the stock exchange. 

The "Tagesschau" already reports on 23.5.2022: 

"The topic has also arrived on the stock market, where vaccine manufacturers have been among the big winners in recent years. Bavarian Nordic already made a splash last week. The Danish-German vaccine manufacturer based in Copenhagen announced on Thursday that it had signed a supply contract for its smallpox vaccine with an unspecified European state. The share price then shot up by almost 60 per cent."

Do we have to be prepared for perpetual alarmism from now on? Whenever a virus is discovered somewhere on the globe that is beginning to spread, it must be reported to the WHO and vaccines against it are immediately developed. Which are then, of course, also vaccinated. 

Whether humanity is threatened or not - apparently beside the point. 

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