Open Letter from the Citizens' Movements Switzerland on the Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry

Civic movements demand investigation of Corona measures

In an open letter, the organisations Friends of the Constitution, Ärztenetzwerk Aletheia, Petition Frühling2020, Aktionsbündnis Urkantone, Aufrecht Schweiz and a further 19 groups from the Swiss civic movement call for an investigation into the Corona measures by an independent extra-parliamentary commission of enquiry (APUK). The damage of at least 60 billion Swiss francs alone justifies a broad investigation. In addition, there is no scientific evidence that SARS-Cov-2 would be much more dangerous than the known Corona and influenza viruses. APUK must examine all decisions for their effectiveness, proportionality and legality. Other issues include hospital bed reductions, testing, testing procedures and "case number statistics", contracts with pharmaceutical companies, vaccines and vaccine side effects and the role of the "Covid-19 Task Force". A Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (PUK) is not sufficient because the decisions should not be investigated by the same parliamentarians and interest groups that helped to cause or support the decisions.

Civic organisations fear that in the future, compulsory seasonal masks, testing, immunity monitoring and regular vaccinations of the population will become the new normal. Switzerland intends to participate in the planned international pandemic agreement of the WHO, with which fundamental rights can be undermined at any time.

As early as April 2021, 55,557 citizens have signed the Spring2020 petition for an APUK. The citizens' organisations will not rest until the questions have been examined and the social discourse has got underway.

Enclosure: Open letter:

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