Referendum II officially confirmed!


The referendum against the tightening of the Covid law has formally taken place.

On 8 July, 187,239 signatures were submitted by the three referendum committees within the referendum period of 100 days. Over 180,000 of the signatures submitted were collected within 25 days from 14 June to 8 July. This showed with unprecedented clarity that a large part of the Swiss population rejects the extreme tightening of the Covid law.
The Federal Chancellery verified only a small proportion of the signatures received (75,526) in order to formally establish the existence of the referendum. Of these, 69,935 were certified by the competent official bodies. The quality of the signatures submitted was thus good despite the short collection period.
The Friends of the Constitution, the Action Alliance Original Cantons and the Vaccination Decision Network seized the referendum in particular to ward off the following extreme changes to the law:

Article 1a. Unprecedented power for the government
"The Federal Council shall determine the criteria and benchmarks for restrictions and facilitations of economic and social life.
Article 3, paragraph 7 (a) Introduction of mass surveillance
A "comprehensive, effective and digital contact tracing" is to be newly introduced

Article 6a - Division of the Company
Vaccination, testing and recovery certificate. The Covid certificate leads to a division of society and to unnecessary restrictions on citizens who want to decide for themselves about interventions on their bodies.

Article 3a - Fundamental rights become privileges
"No quarantine will be imposed on persons vaccinated with a Covid 19 vaccine". This clearly discriminates against the unvaccinated - this is reprehensible and useless.

The outcome of the vote on 28 November is open
The Friends of the Constitution are independent of political parties and work as an extra-parliamentary force for the strengthening of civil rights. We are optimistic to win the referendum on 28 November. In the first vote on the Covid law, the supporters were only able to convince 60% of the people despite the united support of the established media, parties, government, parliament and many associations. Since this vote is hardly about economic aid anymore, we expect the law to be rejected at the ballot box.
Next Saturday, the SVP is expected to follow its voter base and adopt the No-parole against the Covid law.
It will be exciting on 28 November.

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