Poorly researched or slander?

The "mainstream media" really don't make it easy to stay calm. Unfortunately, we cannot leave this false reporting uncommented.

A statement on the Baz article regarding the Trinational Demo



The Friends of the Constitution have registered a tri-national demonstration for 21 October 2023, which was first approved in Basel and for which this approval was then withdrawn. The "public" media had already reported incorrectly that week - we did not react at the time. However, we must respond to the BaZ report of 26.1.2024 @11:45. We categorise it as a lie and defamatory and reserve the right to take legal action.

Link to the report

Corrections and additions

Correction: Mass-full is written like this: MASS-VOLL! MASS-VOLL! has never registered a demonstration. We as Friends of the constitution have registered a demonstration. The demonstration had been planned from the outset as a tri-national demonstration: in Basel, in Weil am Rhein (DE) and in Huninque (FR). After the ban ("withdrawal of the permit") by the Basel police, we publicly cancelled the Swiss part of the demonstration. It was clear that we would only hold the demonstration in Germany and France (as we were ultimately unable to obtain a permit for France, we ended up only holding it in Germany). So there were no "unauthorised protests by Mass-voll" in Basel, only the Unauthorised counter demonstration.

"The authorities therefore withdrew an authorisation granted in advance for a rally by the Mass-voll movement. "

Correction: MASS-VOLL! had not registered a demo and had not received a permit. It was the Friends of the Constitution.

" The group then moved their demonstration to the Rheinpark in Weil am Rhein."

Correction: No, it was not a postponement. The demonstration in Weil am Rhein had always been planned. Only the Swiss part was cancelled.

"They don't want the rally to be banned."

Correction: this is also wrong. We complied with the ban and cancelled the Swiss rally.

"On 21 October, the Basel police were accordingly with a large contingent on site. (…)”

Supplement: from the context, this sounds as if "we" (even if it says "Mass-voll" everywhere) were partly responsible for this large-scale deployment. We reject this with all clarity! We cancelled the Swiss part, there were no "demonstrators" from our side in Basel and therefore the large contingent was only necessary for the unauthorised counter-demonstration, which did NOT withdraw its call for the demonstration.

"The operation cost a total of 435,000 francs (...)"

Supplement: this may be the case. 100% of the costs can be charged to the organisers of the unauthorised counter-demonstration. We followed the instructions of the police, cancelled the demonstration, did not organise it and there were no "demonstrators" from "us" on the streets of Basel. We can say this because, of course, we were in Basel on our way to Weil am Rhein and did not see any peace flags, banners of the Friends of the Constitution or friendly organisations, Swiss flags, etc..... In short: there were none Demo from us.


This report is false and highly misleading. It suggests that we have not adhered to the rules and that we have caused any costs. We reject these indirect insinuations in the strongest possible terms.

We hope that these corrections and additions have brought some truth to this sad story.

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