Talk on the Tele-Top

on the vote on the Covid 19 bill. The only sensible solution: A separate Covid 19 financial aid law!

with Markus Häni, Barbara Gysi (SP) and Sarah Bütikofer (political scientist, University of Zurich)

The setting is perfect. We have a moderator who talks to a supporter and an opponent of the law. The "expert" is a political scientist from the University of Zurich.
One might expect a fair conversation. But after a few sentences it is clear: three are playing against one.
Markus Häni did not have it easy. Nevertheless, the message he wanted to convey to the audience came across: The Covid 19 law is a sham. It sells the undisputed financial aid together with dangerous restrictions on fundamental rights. And the citizen is not informed about this in the voting booklet, because the decisive fundamental rights restrictions were only inserted into the law afterwards, in March 2021. One looks in vain for these additions to the law in the referendum booklet.
Article 1a gives the Federal Council a power that should be excluded in a direct democracy. Parliament does not appear in it.
Article 3a of the law discriminates against people who are not vaccinated. They have to be quarantined. Vaccinated people do not.
Article 3b enables him to ensure a comprehensive testing and contact tracing system. This can lead to total monitoring.
It is pure scaremongering when the proponents of the law claim that the compensation money will be abolished if the vote is against.

The Federal Council would have a neat solution with Pirmin Schwander's motion calling for a separate Covid 19 financial aid law. It would have to deal with this motion urgently. But it is taking its time with it because it does not want this solution to the problem.
There is every reason to vote No to the Covid 19 Act on 13 June. The Federal Council and Parliament can help the businesses that are in distress through no fault of their own due to the completely disproportionate measures of the Federal Council with a new Covid 19 financial aid law! We must not allow a further restriction of our fundamental rights.

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