Technocrats want us to become part of a social mega-machine

Social engineering comes on silent soles. But beware: our personal freedom is under threat. Why?

We have all heard about the Social Credit System heard. Far away, in China, it is being practised. But mind you, it is also being tested in Europe - in Vienna, Rome, Bologna and in Bavaria - within the framework of "pilot projects". Good behaviour is rewarded - for now. Those who separate their rubbish properly, do without cash or leave their car in the garage get a bonus. The state as guardian of virtue! 

The step to normative use is small! In this way, the state directs the citizens according to its ideas. For the time being, everything under the radar of the laws that have been democratically legitimised until today. 

Let's go one step further, to the Smart City. IT companies have been propagating this idea for some years now and are busy collecting data about the inhabitants of a city and their social behaviour with cameras, sensors and microphones. Everything is so practical: The AI shows us the best train connection from A to B, and so on. We are comprehensively looked after. And monitored. The data is used to fight crime, of course. Not otherwise? And who decides who also needs to be fought as a potential offender?

The transition from private to public interests is fluid. It is always supposedly about our well-being: protecting the environment and improving the quality of life in general. But the surveillance structure has totalitarian potential. And what about privileges? Who will still be allowed to drive a car and get on a plane?

With digital means of payment many people are very satisfied. So cool: you simply hold your credit card up to the device and the amount is debited from your account. Our purchase behaviour and account movements are saved at the same time. Less cool!

This brings us to the ID2020The ambition of some corporations to provide all people around the world with a biometric digital identity to give. All relevant data that belong to a person are stored under a unique Identification number collected. 

Once this is set up, everyone and everything can be controlled centrally. Now it could quickly become normative: if I use too much water in the shower, I get a payment order for an energy fund. Or if I don't jog every day, my health insurance premium automatically increases. Everything is programmed and controlled. If I weigh too many kilos, I can't buy any more chocolate for the next six months. 

When there are only digital money If there is a system in which the state intervenes - as already planned by the EU with the digital euro - then it will be decided from above whether I have forfeited the right to even more toilet paper (relatively harmless) and even more electricity and petrol (already more problematic) with my behaviour. 

We saw how in February defiant truckers had their accounts summarily blocked by the state. This is how good behaviour is enforced. 

The Corona "crisis has greatly exacerbated this development. We know that the certificate provides information about our vaccination status. This is a unique opportunity, says ID2020 head Dakota Gruener. With the vaccination certificate, one can easily link many other data about the person. 

The vaccination certificate could become an excellent instrument for authoritarian population control!

This is how education for a "virtuous" citizen works.

But we humans function differently. We don't need behavioural manipulation from above. Let's rather strengthen our relationships with each other, join clubs, give our children support in the family. And let's do without digital "facilitation" wherever possible. 

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