Friends of the Constitution step up efforts for freedom and democracy

Within a year our association has grown from 24 founding members to a political force that can bring legislation to the ballot box at any time.

Over 10,000 members, five employees, countless sympathizers and a clear edge against encroachments of the state on the freedom of citizens; these are the Friends of the Constitution.




Initially, success followed success. Independent referendum against the Covid law? A cinch for the committed activists of the Friends of the Constitution. Young parties can't get off the ground on the Police Capriciousness Act? Let's organise the PMT referendum ourselves. Politicians want to sell our most personal data to private parties? Constitutionalists are putting 400,000 flyers in homes to help sink the bill. Constitutionalists? Unstoppable fighters for freedom and human dignity.


Unstoppable? Despite a strong campaign and huge efforts by our members and sympathisers, the votes against two very dangerous laws could not be won. It was clear to all of us that the government's propaganda machinery, which is based on blatant untruths, is difficult to combat. Because the government enjoys great - and undeserved - trust among many Swiss people. Still.

June 13, 2021 is a major blow to freedom in the country. A clumsy blackmail worked, the Covid Bill was passed. And the PMT Act was carried to the finish line by a wave of Federal Council falsehoods. Now peaceful political dissent can be criminalized, and the blackmail will continue to be used as long as the ploy works.
What do you need in a situation like this? You need friends. We friends of the Constitution have already absorbed the new experience of defeat and are converting the energy into forward movement. Various projects are in the pipeline:

1st referendum Covid Law II
Friendly action committees have already started collecting signatures against the changes to the Covid Bill. As of today, we support this referendum. This will give the Swiss people the opportunity to prevent some of the most dangerous articles of this law after all. These include the two-class society and the "governmental omnipotence" article 1a.

2. referendum on the media law
The politicians have decided to throw millions in tax money at the filthy rich media corporations. We will not allow that. Bourgeois circles have seized the referendum. We too are taking the referendum against the media law. Because bought media are not credible and spending taxpayers' money to increase the dividends of media tycoons is unethical mischief.

3. party politics

Many of our members are calling for us to apply for constructive work in parliament. Others feel that we can have a greater impact in extra-parliamentary work. The decision has not yet been made, but discussions within the civil rights movement have intensified. Whereby one thing is clear: if we seek political office, we will do so in a different way than the established parties.

4. people's initiative
Democracy in Switzerland is far less "direct" than many believe. We want to strengthen the people's rights with an initiative. More details will follow soon.

Unfortunately, we won't run out of work anytime soon. As long as it takes the Friends of the Constitution, we'll keep at it. For freedom. For the people. For Switzerland.

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