Friends of the Constitution Board - Mediation of 3 January 2022

The open debate among six members showed that in recent months mutual trust has suffered to the point that the work of the Executive Board is blocked. In particular, Michael Bubendorf's intentions to resign were interpreted differently, resulting in misunderstandings and problematic external communications on both sides, which we regret in retrospect.

Due to this situation, all members have made their mandate available with a view to early elections. These new elections should take place as soon as possible; the Executive Committee foresees the end of February at the earliest. It will inform the members in the second half of January about the procedure for these elections. Members of the current Executive Committee are free to consider standing for re-election. Until the time of the election, the Board will ensure the smooth continuation of its work and is ready to introduce the new Board if necessary. We hope that with this step, the important work at the grassroots level - in the regions - of our rapidly growing and still growing association can continue to flourish. The work on new statutes will be put on hold for the attention of a newly elected Board.

Marion Russek, Alec Gagneux, Christina Rüdiger, Markus Häni, Michael Bubendorf, Sandro Meier

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