Board activities

Co-President Werner Boxler has resigned from the Board at the end of 2021:

"I hereby notify you of my resignation as Co-President of the Friends of the Constitution Association as of 31st December 2021. My decision will take effect from 1st January 2022. My task of having contributed to the initiation of a collective movement supported by a democratic ideal has come to an end. Today I feel the need to create time and space to initiate other movements and collective projects, always with passion, sincerity and integrity. "

The association owes a lot to Werner: with enormous commitment, he has used all his free time to successfully build up the association since its foundation in July 2020. The fact that the association is so strong in the French-speaking Switzerland is his legacy. His inspirations and ideas have set many stones rolling. And with his integrity, team spirit and deeds, he has become a true friend. Not only for the board team but also for many members. We regret that Werner is leaving the Board and thank him for the eventful journey we have been able to take with him and look forward to his future projects. Our paths will not diverge, as we will stay in touch with our colleague for a long time to come through possible joint projects.

A more detailed personal statement with his reflections on his career with the Friends of the Constitution on the link below.

The leadership for French-speaking Switzerland will be temporarily taken over by Agnès Aedo, Regional Director Geneva and member of the core team French-speaking Switzerland, who is probably well known to everyone due to her tireless efforts.


Edito démission AdC Werner Boxler


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