True solidarity

Since the term "solidarity" was turned into the opposite by the pandemicists, some people have reacted with reluctance to what is actually such a beautiful word. But true solidarity is not so rare.

The Post of a major free newspaper, in which we explained that the upcoming campaign is not yet funded, has led to many small and larger donations. For this we say a heartfelt thank you!

We are particularly pleased that since the publication of this article we have been able to welcome another 2,500 new members to the Friends of the Constitution. Our association has now grown to over 17,000 members. This gives us strength, courage and hope!

Certainly, the Federal Council also "helped". In the civil rights movement, the extension of the certificate requirement came as a surprise to hardly anyone. In the logic of the pandemicists, it was the next consistent step towards the radical exclusion of all those people who decide against the injection of an experimental "gene therapy". But even many vaccinated people realised that sooner or later any Federal Council promise of moderation or a return to normality would vanish into thin air. It is becoming clear to many Swiss that politics will continue to manage the "pandemic" forever and ever. Only the people will be able to end the policy of coercive measures.

Don't worry: our finances are on a solid basis, the running costs are well covered by the membership fees. But for our campaign against the extreme tightening of the Covid law, we continue to rely on Donate instructed. Every additional franc goes into the campaign. This is how we will send the unspeakable, dangerous and useless Covid certificate packing at the ballot box!

Thank you for your valuable support!

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