Why the friends of the constitution say no to the package of media measures!

An important referendum will take place on 13 February. It is about a new subsidy law that comes under the deceptive name "package of measures in favour of the media".

It provides for the private Swiss media to be subsidised to the tune of 178 million Swiss francs annually. But this is a waste of money and would make the rich media corporations even richer with their one-sided reporting. The result would be even more media mainstream and even less media diversity.

Together with the subsidies for the radio and TV stations to the publishers amounting to 109 million and the reduced VAT rate, the private media would cost the taxpayers more than 400 million a year in the future. It would be doubly bad that more than 70 per cent of the taxpayers' money would go to the big media groups. In other words, to millionaires, billionaires, shareholders and rich publishing dynasties.

This raid on the state treasury must be prevented. He is Poison for our democracy. The media already report loyally to the state. Now they must not allow themselves to be bought by politics. In addition, all free media would be excluded from subsidies, which would cement the monopolies of the media corporations.

If you want independent media, vote NO to the harmful "package of measures in favour of the media" on the 13th of February. Motivate your friends to do the same. We thank you for your help in bringing down this nonsensical law.

Thank you very much!

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