Monkey pox? There was a dress rehearsal!

Now monkeypox. Is the world facing a new pandemic threat? They are still denying it, but to be on the safe side, the FOPH is already testing a suitable vaccine.

But what if there is a theatre being played for us?

In March 2021, precisely this scenario was rehearsed as a dry run at the Munich Security Conference of the G7. A brochure about this was published in November 20211. We remember darkly: there was already a trial run: the so-called Event 201.2. What was rehearsed then in October 2019 was the script for the Covid pandemic. 

Some of the players from back then were also present at the monkeypox dress rehearsal, first and foremost representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, the US government and the WHO.

The exercise scenario in March 2021 went like this: In a fictitious country of Brinia, an unusual strain of monkeypox virus emerges and rapidly spreads worldwide. It turns out that this virus is actually a terrorist bio-weapon to be used in Europe in May 2022 (!). The right measures against it: immediately ban mass gatherings, make mask-wearing compulsory, introduce contact tracing and mass testing. Quite wrong: downplay the virus, speak out against lockdowns and other measures.

And what are the conclusions from this "monkeypox exercise"? The November 2021 monkeypox brochure tells us: WHO urgently needs to introduce an international public health alert system. Social distancing, mask wearing, contact tracing and mass testing are essential. The full programme!

And indeed, according to, on 22 May 2022 the WHO is calling for "raising awareness of the disease. Protection would be offered by known corona measures, for example".3

And what is the truth about monkeypox? They are and have been transmitted to humans from time to time. The name is scary, and the pustules really don't look pretty. But the course of the disease is usually mild. And besides, the virus is difficult to transmit from person to person. Even the FOPH writes that it is "moderately transmissible" and if so, then mainly through "close contact with infected humans or animals".4

So: Let's not get carried away! Fear is completely out of place.
Better: Just ignore the headlines, should they come again!

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