"Blick" spreads trivialising anti-Semitism tweet

One can be divided on the question of measures. It can and should be debated whether coercive measures by the state are suitable for containing a pandemic or not.
Hard bandages may be used in the process. No problem as far as that goes. But it is neither logical nor legitimate to link this question with anti-Semitism.

by Michael Bubendorf

The fact that a person with the pseudonym "Knackeboul" associates me with anti-Semitism on Twitter because of my criticism of coercive measures is considered by some to be a justiciable Action. It is in any case wrong, stupid and a dangerous trivialisation of the crimes of actual anti-Semites.

At a rally months ago I publicly and in the clearest terms on stage denounced any right-wing extremism. condemned. I have quoted the great thinker Erich Fromm, who as the son of a Jewish family had to flee from the Nazi terror, with great appreciation in several of my works. I fight for freedom, brotherhood and equality. If I am an anti-Semite, then everyone is an anti-Semite. And this is precisely where the problem lies. Those who indiscriminately resort to this word not only trivialise the Holocaust and the millions of victims of real anti-Semitism, but they wear out the term until it becomes meaningless. And at the latest here it becomes really dangerous.

Now this Knackeboul is a human being with a limited range. According to the "Beobachter", he "likes to make an ass of himself". He is free to do so. It is a different matter when "Blick" publishes such tweets unquestioned, thus making these dangerous theories more significant and making them accessible to an audience of millions. This is exactly what the Ringier publishing house has done in a lurid report on the programme "Club", allowing itself to be instrumentalised by people who, in order to attract attention, do not shy away from trivialising anti-Semitism.

The Blick editorial team has since removed the tweet in question.

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