Federal Court decision on the voting appeals of July

All 6 appeals were dismissed by the Federal Supreme Court by means of a NON-INFRINGEMENT RULING, i.e. without an assessment on the merits.

Three lawyers, filed extensive and detailed complaints, including Philipp Kruse (34 pages of complaint,12 pages of reply).

The Federal Supreme Court combined his appeal together with 5 other appeals into a single procedure by means of a formulaic sentence and then briefly stated, without giving any meaningful reasons, that the Federal Supreme Court does not hear such appeals in accordance with established practice.

The disappointment is great. With this signal from the Federal Supreme Court, it is becoming increasingly clear that our rule of law is indeed in danger. The Federal Supreme Court is not fulfilling its task as an independent judicial supervisory authority even where it would be obliged to do so and would have considerable cause to do so. Through its one-sided, incomplete and misleading information in the run-up to the vote, the Federal Council has violated clear legal obligations, and it has ignored the constitutional guarantee of political rights, which protects the free formation of will and the undistorted casting of votes. Such action by the federal government damages the foundations of our democracy.

But what is important for ALL:
Beware of hasty federal court complaints by laypersons! If there are too many complaints, the danger of "cheap clearance" is much greater for everyone than if there are only a few professionally prepared complaints.

Philipp Kruse recommends:
"We have to watch the Federal Council's back much earlier and try - with legal arguments and publicity - to counteract it.
In my opinion, also with open letters and with press conferences, analogous to the "Advocates for Enlightenment in Germany and in Austria".

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