Federal Council spreads misinformation and propaganda

At its media conference on 27.09.2021 on the vote on the amendments to the Covid 19 Act, the Federal Council presented the public with misinformation, propaganda and fear-mongering.

BR claims: Freedom of travel is restricted without Covid certificate: This is wrong. Travelling in the EU and around the world is possible without a certificate, you just need proof of testing or vaccination. Great Britain, for example, does not have a Covid certificate, and in some US states such proof is even prohibited. The Covid certificate with QR code is not for health purposes, but for control and mass surveillance of the population.

BR claims: The Covid certificate is necessary for tourism: The opposite is the case. Tourism is restricted and hindered by the certificate obligation. The Covid certificate is doing enormous damage to the tourism industry!

BR claims: The abolition of the Covid certificate has a negative impact on the hotel and catering industryThis is a bold-faced lie, because the opposite is the case. The Covid certificate demonstrably brings massive turnover losses of 17% to the gastronomy (cf. Tages Anzeiger, 21.09.2021), will drive even more businesses into ruin and destroy thousands more jobs.

The BR claims: In the event of a NO vote, the Confederation can no longer issue a Covid certificate: This is a baseless and extortionate threat. The Confederation or the cantons can of course offer a voluntary certificate for foreign travel as a service to the citizen. Instead, the Federal Council is trying to blackmail the population with the Covid certificate for travel and claims that there is "no plan-B".

The BR claims: Important financial aid will lapse in the event of a NO voteThis statement is wrong, as practically all grants will expire at the end of 2021 or at the end of March 2022 (until then the Covid tightening will apply even if the vote is NO).

BR claims: Without certificate, lockdown may occurThis is nothing but scaremongering and threats. There is no reason for a lockdown with or without a certificate. Since the vaccination has become available, the Confederation has the duty to roll back and end all Corona measures, as stipulated in the Covid 19 Act and as promised by the Federal Council on 26 March this year: "If all those willing to be vaccinated are vaccinated by July, there will be no need for any more measures"!

The BR claims: Without a certificate, there may be plant closures.comeThis is pure propaganda. In reality, the Covid certificate will lead to bankruptcies, closures, layoffs and the loss of thousands of jobs in the hotel, catering and event and culture industries.

BR claims: The Covid certificate enables the implementation of certain eventsThis is wrong: In Zurich, for example, the Alba festival was banned despite the certificate requirement (and our Albanian fellow citizens were thus discriminated against). The certificate is medically groundless because it has been proven that even vaccinated people can be virus carriers and infectious. Since vaccination is available to all who want it, such restrictions must be lifted and it must be possible to hold events without a health passport, as in the past.

The NO Committee to the dangerous Covid tightening is committed to factual information as well as a fair referendum campaign and a free Switzerland without compulsory vaccination, mass surveillance and discrimination.

We are at your disposal for questions and answers.

Siegfried Hettegger
Co-campaign management

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